Leading law firm software specialists, Select Legal Systems Limited, are pleased to announce that the number of cloud users of their legal practice management software, LAWFUSION, tipped 1000 mark this month.

hands holding laptops, tablets and mobile phones in the air with white fluffy clouds on a blue skyLAWFUSION is a comprehensive suite of business software designed specifically for law firms.  It is available as a hosted solution on the cloud or as a traditional 0n-premise installation.  As well as having over 1000 users on the LAWFUSION cloud, Select Legal supports around 3000 on-premise users of LAWFUSION too.

Select Legal was one of the first legal software suppliers to offer a cloud option for practice management back in 2008 and in that year 30% of new clients signing up for LAWFUSION opted for the cloud.  Their cloud orders climbed steadily to 79% of overall sales in 2011 but has since settled to between 60 and 70% per annum.

Having served the legal software market for almost 25 years Select Legal appreciates that deciding between the cloud and on-premise is a unique decision for each law firm.  Select offers a number of on-line resources explaining the differences and exploring the benefits on their website on their  ‘Cloud Computing For Law Firms’ page.  The resources include a video featuring interviews with law firms execs on why they have made their particular ‘cloud vs on-premise’ choices.

There are many differences between on-premise solutions and cloud solutions.  Differences in perceptions about security, the way solutions are accessed, the way they are costed are the main ones :

SECURITY: There are not many industries for which data security is deemed more serious than it is for the legal profession.  In fact security has been the main concern for the legal profession affecting the rate at which it has embraced cloud computing.  Whilst initially it was perceived as a barrier for many, in 2017 more and more law firms are feeling more comfortable about the idea of having a trusted IT partner looking after their data.  Whilst others find managing their own data sits better with the nature of their Practice and their business culture. Any firm looking for a suitable IT partner to host their practice management system should not only ensure their vendor data centre is ISO 27001 certified, but the vendor organisation ought to be ISO 27001 certified too.

ACCESS:  The software works, looks and feels exactly the same no matter how users access it.   Cloud solutions are accessed via the internet, and typically hosted on your vendor’s servers.  On the other hand, 0n-premise solutions are just that, they are installed on your firm’s own computers situated at your premises.

FINANCIAL:  The way these hosting options are paid for is another significant difference.  Cloud solutions come with “pay as you go” or “software as a service” subscription pricing (usually monthly) – as opposed to traditional upfront capital expenditure for on-premise solutions, which involves investing in and maintaining your own hardware as well as the software.  For accounting purposes, some firms find the on-demand usage of a cloud solution, which is classed as a “utility”, versus large capital expenditure a significant financial advantage.

Select Legal has written a practical check-list to help law firms facing this decision.

Select’s ‘Cloud Vs On-Premise’ Video for law firms is worth a watch too.

For any law firm wanting a cloud vs on-premise cost-benefit analysis or wishing to book a LAWFUSION demonstration there is an online request form here.

For more information about Select Legal Systems Limited, the ISO 27001 certified supplier of LAWFUSION, the popular suite of Legal Practice Management Software for law firms, please call 01482 567601. For enquiries outside of normal office hours please use our online form.