After close consultation with a number of clients, and months of research, Team LAWFUSION are progressing well with the LAWFUSION Mobile App for law firms. It is now being piloted by lawyers and support staff at a number of firms on the iPad and the iPhone.

Steve Dixon, co-owner and Director of Development at Select Legal Systems said, “Having worked in legal software for 25 years we had a good idea of what was possible for LAWFUSION users wanting to make use of a mobile app, and when we surveyed the market a number of very useful ideas came to light. However, working hand-in-hand with fee earners who are out there, working with our pilot technology is making all the difference. We are prioritising features that are important to them and releasing them a few at a time for them to try at the coal-face. It’s this kind of collaboration that will ensure the LAWFUSION App is more than just a tick in the box, yes we have an app. We want to perfect our app so that it reflects exactly what law firms need when they are working away from the office.”

The LAWFUSION app, currently being piloted on iPads and iPhones, offers mobile functionality providing fee earners secure access to their case loads, contacts and diaries 24/7 wherever they are. They can progress case actions from court, time record whilst visiting police stations and view their documents from prisons.  The App also allows lawyers to add notes and evidence to their case records whilst out and about, wherever they may be. If they don’t have a secure internet connection they can work via the app offline, and when their device next re-establishes an internet connection it will synchronise to the live LAWFUSION servers.

Steve Dixon added, “Of course the app is not a replacement for full blown LAWFUSION at the office. It was never meant to be, that would not be practical for users. But there are certain daily tasks that need to be performed to keep cases up-to-date whilst fee earners, and support staff are out of the office as well as information they need to be able to see. The App is designed to efficiently take care of all of this.”

The LAWFUSION app is currently being piloted for the iPad and the iPhone but other devices are planned for the next phase of development depending on law firm demand. It is useful for crime firms, but also personal injury firms, conveyancers and any firm of solicitors that has people who need to work away from their desks.

For more information about LAWFUSION and/or the LAWFUSION App -please call 01482 567601 during office hours.  Otherwise the LAWFUSION online enquiry form is available here at all other times.