Law Society Survey Re J-Codes – deadline 25-5-16

Computer keyboard with metallic blue keys with word "ONLINE SURVEY" in white letteringThe Law Society is giving members the opportunity to take part in a survey regarding the bill of costs and J-Codes.

In answer to the Jackson report a Committee, led by Alexander Hutton QC, proposed the Bill of Costs pilot which is based around J-Codes (similar to the American L code system).  Lord Jackson observed that today bills are cumbersome, they are not easy to digest and law firms are not using available technology to control and manage their  budgeting/billing processes.

The ultimate aim of the new format bill is to create a system that is more transparent, provides a user-friendly synopsis of work done and is inexpensive to prepare. In his keynote speech on 21st April 2016 to The Law Society’s Civil Litigation Conference, Lord Justice Jackson said, “The current form bill of costs has a long and distinguished pedigree. It is based upon the style of a Victorian account book. Despite those historic virtues, the format is neither helpful nor appropriate in the twenty first century.”

The J-Codes approach was approved by Lord Justice Jackson, Lord Dyson and Master Hurst in July 2014 and a template bill of costs was made available for guidance.  In October 2015 a voluntary pilot scheme was launched for the new bill format which is due to finish later this year in September 2016.

From their survey the Law Society is hoping to learn more about how law firms record their time and discover which members are already using J-Codes.  They are also hoping to gauge from the survey results the level of awareness and support amongst solicitors in England and Wales for the new format bill of costs and its pilot scheme and to assess training needs.

To read more from The Law Society on why this survey is so important – please follow this link Law Society Survey – Bill of Costs & J-Codes.  Alternatively you can go straight to the online survey itself here. The survey deadline is 25 May 2016.


Available with the LAWFUSION legal practice management system is a fully integrated  Costs Management Software Module.  It was developed in line with Lord Justice Jackson’s reforms.  For more details please see the LAWFUSION Case Study re law firm SJP Law. The module is currently in its final phase of development which includes J-Codes functionality.

If you wish to book a LAWFUSION software demonstration please call 01482 567601. 

Alternatively there is an online enquiry form here.