Law Firms Pilot New Legal Software App On The iPad

The Government plans to rid the legal justice system of its out-dated paper systems.  Select Legal Systems Limited are doing all they can to help law firms do the same.  The company is about to start piloting its brand new legal software app, for the iPad, with clients.

Women sat at desk using LAWFUSION Legal Case Management Software on IPadApparently, according to the former Justice Minister Damian Green, every year the courts and Crown Prosecution Service uses roughly 160 million sheets of paper.  Green likened this to 15 Mount Snowdons if stacked up.  We can only imagine how many additional mountains of paper the law firms of this country are responsible for.  Many law firms are ahead of the game in terms of reducing paper in their businesses whilst others are working hard with their legal software partners to change this across the profession.  The LAWFUSION App is designed to help law firms eliminate or at least reduce paper significantly.

Three law firms are about to start piloting the brand new legal software app developed by the authors of LAWFUSION for their users.  Steve Dixon, Development Director and co-owner of Select Legal said, “Early feedback from enthusiastic clients has been incredibly positive and we are looking forward to progressing the pilot projects and further development of the app.”

The new app will be available to all LAWFUSION users whether they have an on-premise installation or are using LAWFUSION hosted on the cloud.  All data captured remotely via the app synchronises with the system back in the office either in real time if an internet  connection is available, or when the solicitor next connects to the system.

Via the app fee earners using LAWFUSION will have the freedom to record time, complete virtual forms and record case notes at court and in police stations.  They will be able to capture evidence and signatures from their clients whilst working out of the office and save them to their cases.


For more information about the LAWFUSION App or LAWFUSION in general please call 01482 567601 or complete our online enquiry form here.