In our experience only a few legal case management systems provide document version control even though it is an incredibly important requirement for law firms.  For some areas of law many of the documents a fee earner will produce tend to undergo a series of revisions and re-drafting.  Electronic documents can easily be changed by a number of different users and without a software system that offers version control these changes and different versions may not be immediately apparent to your users, leading to confusion and mistakes.

LAWFUSION offers version control as part of its document management functionality for law firms. This is a great example of how LAWFUSION can be differentiated from other software solutions on offer to the legal profession.

The version control functionality that comes as standard with LAWFUSION means different drafts and versions of a document can be managed automatically by the software without overwriting or losing any of the versions along the way. The software tracks a series of draft documents, culminating in a final version, and it provides a full audit trail of the life of the document, recording all revisions throughout its journey to becoming the final version.


The LAWFUSION Out-Tray displays the most recent version, but a simple tick of a check-box displays all versions. A further click brings up the ‘revision history’ screen which shows all versions created, date and time stamped with user created name too. There is also functionality to compare two versions of the same Word document on screen side by side in LAWFUSION.