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Lasting Power of Attorney Software

Lasting Power of Attorney Software

Case management software for law firms – lasting power of attorney (LPA)

The LAWFUSION Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) module is largely based around the completion of a variety of forms. The software guides fee earners through the required processes, records everything and aids communication with all relevant parties, enabling fee earners to work profitably whilst maintaining excellent client care. Our legal software is highly customisable and is built around many time-saving, efficiency-enhancing features.

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Key Features

Document Management

The LAWFUSION document library is a central repository for storing documents, letters and templates electronically, including everything your fee earners would need for managing the LPA process.  All LAWFUSION documents, wherever possible, are set up to pull through today’s date, contact details and fee earner details automatically saving precious time.

Document Register

With LAWFUSION law firms get a comprehensive document register where they can store all important, legal documents relating to their clients and cases.  With the correct access rights Fee Earners can bring up from this central register any documents relating to a particular client or case e.g.Wills, Deeds and of course LPAs.

Auto Form Completion

The LAWFUSION Lasting Power of Attorney software is largely based around the completion of a variety of forms. Fee Earners will find all the relevant LPA forms including the LP1Fand LP1H and they are all configured to auto-complete with relevant client and case information. Users can save a bank of frequently used clauses for easy insertion via the integrated forms package.

E-mail Management

Email management via Microsoft Outlook is very slick throughout the whole of LAWFUSION.  The legal software team has done a lot of work over the years on Outlook integration and a lot of this can be very useful for fee earners when they need to send a variety of important documents and other pieces of information to their clients.  Also the ‘Add to Case’ button provided to LAWFUSION users from their Outlook tool-bar makes adding incoming emails and attachments to cases very quick and easy.

Draft Billing

The Billing Wizard can be used to take users through the process of creating the final bill. Time can be recorded for the work done on an hourly basis or alternatively a fixed fee may be allocated. The user will also have the option to include any disbursements that are associated to the case.

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