The LAA has postponed the launch of its Bulk Claim Upload Facility for its online CCMS (Client & Cost Management System) and Select Advises LAWFUSION Users to Delay Sign Up Until Further Notice.

The LAA is introducing online working for Civil and Family Certificated legal aid. Select Legal has been working closely with the LAA for some time in readiness for their 20 January 2014 launch date. However, immediately prior to the Christmas break, Select received notice from the LAA advising that the Bulk Claim Upload facility in their CCMS is unlikely to be available in January afterall.

Select is advising LAWFUSION users not to sign up to the CCMS Portal until further notice to avoid the necessity to manually key in claim data.

Select continues to meet weekly with the LAA and will do whatever possible to assist them to solve their issues. The LAA will keep us informed of progress and Select will of course, pass this onto clients via email and this website. Select will keep prospective clients informed via this website.

The LAA have said they will be back in touch with more information later in this month (January 2014).

The client and cost management system (CCMS) allows providers to apply for Legal Aid and manage certificates. Eventually civil and family legal aid providers, and the counsel they instruct, will be able to handle ‘new’ legal aid work online. Providers and counsel will be able to use the system to submit claims and will have the ability to attach electronic documentation associated with their application or claim.

The LAA is currently rolling out CCMS nationally in 2 stages:

  • 20 January 2014 – rollout to civil providers (with an organisation name starting with A-F and rollout to all counsel instructed by civil providers using the system).
  • 31 March 2014 – rollout to civil providers (with an organisational name starting with G-Z or a number).

The LAA have said civil providers with cases ready to bill which require court assessment should continue to submit them to the court as they do now. When submitting them to the LAA using the claim 1/1a form, they should submit them to:

CCMS Pilot Team
North Regional Office & Business Delivery Centre
Berkley Way, Viking Business Park,
NE31 1SF

Once the LAA’s issues have been resolved, Select Legal will be in a position to release new LAWFUSION functionality including enhanced its legal aid billing wizards to cater for the LAA’s requirements, incorporating a new family advocacy scheme module.

The plan is for the whole LAA process to be covered for ‘new’ cases – from submission to payment of bills. This will include counsel claims, case queries, amendments and appeals. All ‘existing’ civil certificated cases will be migrated onto CCMS eventually too.

For a LAWFUSION demonstration of this new CCMS functionality please contact us:

  • Existing clients please speak to a member of our support team on 01482 567600
  • Prospective clients please speak to our sales department on 01482 567601