The LAA announced yesterday that the rollout of their CCMS has resumed following a delay caused by an unexpected software upgrade issue. They have resolved the issue and started inviting providers to sign up for CCMS again, while continuing to monitor system performance.

Select Legal has been working closely with the LAA for some time now, to develop and test integration to LAWFUSION of their new CCMS, including the bulk claim upload facility, which will eliminate the need for law firms to enter data twice. They have informed us that they are extending their bulk upload testing deadline to 31 July 2014 and are hoping to pilot it during August.

Select Legal is committed to this project and has everything in place once the LAA has completed a successful test of their system. The new LAWFUSION functionality will include enhanced legal aid billing wizards to cater for the LAA’s requirements, incorporating a new family advocacy scheme module. For a demonstration of how it will work please call 01482 567601.