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Key Performance Indicator Monitoring Software

Key Performance Indicator Monitoring

Reducing risk and providing key business intelligence for law firms

Key Performances Indicators (KPIs) are used by many LAWFUSION law firms to reduce risk by regularly running and scrutinising invaluable business intelligence from the system. The LAWFUSION  Legal Accounts Software Module includes mission critical KPI reporting as part of its Management Reporting suite. What makes it particularly powerful is the way KPI Monitoring functionality has been built into its workflows. For a demonstration, please call 01482 567601 during office hours. Out of hours the LAWFUSION enquiry form is available here.

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Key Features

Fee Earner Performance Report

This report is used to illustrate details of the firm’s work in progress (WIP) movement – using the opening balance, new time posted less any time billed or written off – to calculate the closing WIP balance for the selected period. The report also reflects the profitability (time value at cost against fees billed). The information may be grouped by Department or by Branch or by both. The information is provided for a selected period and the totals for the year up to, and including, that peirod are also shown. Budget figures for time are given too, together with the variance from actual WIP figures.

Fee Earner Management Report

This KPI report is used to detail the WIP (work in progress) and ‘fees delivered’ broken down by Fee Earner and grouped by Department. The ‘chargeable’ and ‘non-chargeable’ time booked for each Fee Earner is also given. Work In Progress figures are provided in both ‘cost’ and ‘charge’ values. Budget figures are also provided with the variance from actual figures so this report may be used to check on how close to budget the separate Fee Earners are, and to compare performance of Fee Earners and Departments. The numbers of ‘current matters’ and ‘closed matters’ per month / year per Fee Earner can be seen here too. Figures for ‘private’ and ‘legal aid’ matters can be viewed separately, or combined.

Management Overview

In the LAWFUSION Reporting Module you also get a Management Overview Report of the selected year / period and branch per Fee Earner of New Files Opened, Fees Delivered, Fees Received, Year-to-date WIP (Work In Progress), Aged Debt as well as Office and Client Ledger balances.

Matter & Billing Statistics

The KPI Report provided for Matter & Billing Statistics is extremely powerful and popular with many clients. It enables the firm to view a range of numerical billing details. The amount, range and format of all of this information is entirely user definable.

Fees Delivered / Received Report

Another very useful LAWFUSION KPI report is the Fees Delivered / Received Report.  This allows firms to track Fees in a single period. The data is presented in an Excel spreadsheet format so that the user can then manipulate and reformat the data to their heart’s content. There are Excel templates provided by Select Legal for this, or users can create their own, and Team LAWFUSION is always on hand to help get it just right whenever needed.

The Target System

The LAWFUSION Target System allows a firm to monitor their teams’ time usage, fees and fees received. A user friendly graphical representation is provided so Partners and Leaders can monitor progress towards their targets for all of these variables.

Case Studies / Relevant News

Video Case Study

One of the UK’s largest providers of Legal Aid

“With the introduction of LAWFUSION and its billing wizards our fee earners are now able to bill their own work and it’s been great because they take more commercial responsibility for their work.”

Rupert Hawke, Managing Director, Cartwright King

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Video Case Study

Specialists in Family Law

With LAWFUSION our legal aid billing is taking 60% less time.”

Glyn Abba, Finance Manager, Family Law Group

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