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Industrial Disease Software

Industrial Disease Software

Legal case management software for industrial disease specialists

If your firm is looking for software that will enable your industrial disease team to scale up its capacity without increasing its headcount, then LAWFUSION would be a wise choice.

This area of law is renowned for its complex case loads, multiple correspondents and heavy document production.  With the Industrial Disease software module from Select Legal Systems staff can handle more claims and benefit from a highly automated system with task lists and reminders to keep them on track.

If you want to implement a dedicated Industrial Disease system  that will allow you to automate much of your standard procedure whilst providing the freedom to tailor the software to your own preferred ways of working, then you have clicked on the right website.

silhouettes of industrial factory unit with 4 chimney stacks spewing out smoke into clear blue sky used to represent industrial disease software

Key Features

Document Production

The LAWFUSION Industrial disease software module contains a large bank of relevant document and letter templates.  Wherever possible, all documents are set to auto-complete to instantly pulling through information such as references, todays date, contact address as well as Fee Earner and branch details.

The system will drive pre-population of  attendance and telephone notes too and the bespoke document alignment programme matches your pre-determined layout, style and font.

LAWFUSION’s Word integration provides a customisation tool that allows users to insert your letterhead and footer to any document at the click of a button to give a professional finish.


Important Dates

Limitation dates are automatically scheduled with a date countdown so you are always aware of the timescale for issuing proceedings on each client’s behalf.



Each LAWFUSION User has access to a diary and task planner system.

The LAWFUSION reminder system produces “reminder records” for users to populate following the completion of a task. Reminders may be sent to users re deadlines or key dates. These reminders are shown as a list in the users system diary and are colour coded as follows: red – overdue, green – today, blue – future.

Time Recording

As you might imagine, the LAWFUSION time recording module is fully integrated with all other modules including the industrial disease software.  It is a very comprehensive time recording system that allows time to be be recorded manually.  Alternatively time recording prompts can be pre-set to follow completion of a certain step or after document generation.

Email Management & SMS Text Messaging

LAWFUSION is highly integrated with the Microsoft Office Suite including Outlook.  All industrial disease correspondence and documentation can be emailed to relevant parties directly from the case record in LAWFUSION. Your fee earners can save incoming emails and attachments direct to the relevant case with one click with the ‘add to case’ button in the Outlook toolbar.

SMS messages can also be sent direct to clients form your case management desktop.

Auto Form Completion

The Industrial Disease module contains a bank of Laserforms each containing merge fields. This allows the forms to auto-complete based on information previously entered.

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