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Immigration Software

Immigration Software

Legal case management software for immigration – both private and legal aid work

The LAWFUSION Immigration software module is designed to enable Fee Earners to administer large volumes of immigration work for both Appellant and Sponsor clients and it is for both privately funded or legal aid immigration work.  The software, which is heavily integrated with all the elements of Microsoft Office, guides users through case management helping their clients to enter the UK, work in the UK and remain in the UK.

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Key Features

Email Management

You can compose Outlook emails from within LAWFUSION and automatically save them to the relevant case with any attachments. From lists of documents within LAWFUSION you can launch Outlook and send them on to relevant parties, converting to PDF and automatically saving to the relevant case as you go.  LAWFUSION users also get an Outlook add-in that provides a series of buttons on their Outlook tool bar:  “Add to Case”, “Add Attachments to Case” and “View Case”.

SMS Text Messaging

In this day and age, many clients expect to be able to communicate with their solicitor by text message. With LAWFUSION your fee earners can send text messages direct from the case management desktop and record them in case history. You can also automate SMS texting as part of a case management procedure in your workflow chart. Read more.

Tribunal Bundle Creation

The LAWFUSION PDF bundle generator is incredibly popular with immigration lawyers because this area of law generates a substantial amount of paperwork for tribunals.  You can read more about this module’s many features here –  LAWFUSION Legal Bundle Generator – including automatic page numbering, bundle templates and index options.

Standard Letters

The LAWFUSION Immigration software comes with standard letters to the client, Home Office, Immigration First Tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal, Detention Centre etc. as well as a blank/standard letter section with templates for standard and ad-hoc letters helping you to keep all relevant parties informed of the status of the case – e.g. Medical Expert, Witness, Employer, Landlord, DNA Agency, GP etc.. You can also add your firm’s letters and letter templates.

Reminders and Important Information

Reminders are set for Fee Earners, based on specific dates to make sure key dates for hearings and appeals are not missed, i.e. Limitation Date for Appeal Submission, Hearing Date for the Upper Tribunal etc.


Standard Laserforms for Immigration matters are included for:

  • Applications
  • Asylum
  • Immigration Tribunal, Notices
  • Requests and Visa Applications
  • Work Permits.

The forms are configured to auto-complete using standard merged information, e.g. client name and address details etc.

Case Management Workflow Procedures

The LAWFUSION Immigration module guides Fee Earners to help manage cases dealing with the following:

  • Asylum – contact with the Asylum Screening Unit
  • Applications to the Home Office
  • British High Commission applications – including VAF4/Tier 4 student applications
  • Home Office – dealing with documentary evidence and requests for extension, applications for updates on a claim
  • EEA applications
  • First and Upper Tier Tribunals – submitting appeals and advising the client of hearing dates
  • Judicial Review – letter before action, instructing Barrister and corresponding with the client
  • Bail Applications – correspondence with the Immigration Detention Centre and Immigration Asylum Chamber are dealt with here
  • Court of Appeal – instructing a Barrister and dealing with the Legal Aid Agency


This section includes shortcuts to important immigration websites, e.g. Home Office, Immigration & Asylum Tribunal forms and Others may be added if required.

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