HSE’s Latest Figures On Work-related Illness


Man with eyes screwed up tight holding his hand to his head looking in pain, red blur over head area. Man is wearing a tee-short that has industrial units with pipe and chimneys super imposed on it.


Whilst the UK has one of the best work-place health and safety records in the world with fatal injuries to employees falling by 86% since the Health & Safety At Work Act was passed in 1974, the latest statistics published by the Government’s Health & Safety Executive (HSE) show some work-related illness are on the rise.

HSE’s latest figures show that there are currently more than 1.2 million people in this country reported to be suffering from a work-related illness and whilst some trends are falling e.g. musculoskeletal disorders, others such as work-related, asbestos-induced cancer are rising significantly.



There are  around 13,000 deaths each year from work-related lung disease and cancer believed to be caused by exposure to chemicals and dusts at work according to the HSE website.  Anxiety related conditions are reportedly up too partly due to recognition of stress related illness and changing attitudes.


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