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Homeworking For Law Firms

Homeworking For Law Firms

Using LAWFUSION To Run Your Practice From Home

Select Legal Systems Limited has been supporting people in law firms to work from home for decades.

Whether you need to have ALL your people working from home suddenly in times of crisis, or just some of them as and when convenient – LAWFUSION, has everything you need and more.

All the feature-rich, robust functionality you’d expect from LAWFUSION’s integrated modules whilst working working in the office, are available to your people when working from home too – including: legal accounts, case management, time recording, document management etc., as well as all the integrated Microsoft Office and Exchange functionality your team needs.

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Homeworking Made Easy

Homeworking Available To Everyone

With LAWFUSION homeworking is available for everyone – whether your firm opts for the LAWFUSION Direct solution which is hosted on the cloud, or a traditional on-premise installation on your own inhouse-managed servers.

Either way homeworking via LAWFUSION is available, easy and efficient, and Team LAWFUSION will provide compatibility details for your internet connection and devices, and guidance to help you set up your homeworkers.

Security For Homeworking

In this day and age you need to know your people are working as securely from home as they would be if they were working in the office. The authors of LAWFUSION, Select Legal Systems Limited, are an ISO Certified Company for Information Management – at both company and datacentre level. So if you want to set up homeworkers with LAWFUSION you would be in very safe hands. Select’s blog on the “Eight Top Tips Security Tips For Homeworking” is a must read for any law firm that requires its people to work from home.

For Cloud Homeworkers

If you choose to go with LAWFUSION Direct (our hosted solution on the cloud) we will provide you with the compatibility details required regarding your internet connection and also your devices (laptops, PCs etc.). We will guide you to set up device with a RDP (remot desktop protocol) connection – which is available for devices using the Windows operating system, Macs, android devices, iPads, iPhones. We will help you set up printing for Windows too.

Hosted Emails

Of course many users of LAWFUSION Direct (our hosted solution on the cloud) choose to have their emails hosted with Select Legal Systems as well as their LAWFUSION Practice Management software. For your homeworkers you may want to setup access to emails outside of the LAWFUSION hosted servers on mobile phones and other mobile devices. If required Team LAWFUSION are able to provide guides and instructions on how to do so.

For On-premise Homeworkers

If you opt for a traditional on-premise installation of LAWFUSION, you will no doubt have your own IT people who are completely clued up on how to set up homeworkers. However, Team LAWFUSION are more than happy to provide the people responsible for your inhouse IT infrastructure with our homeworking recommendations for best practice. For example, guidance is available re the minimum recommended specifications for devices.

For robust security  VPN (Virtual Private Network) is recommended for all homeworking options. It allows you to create a secure connection to the network over the Internet which will shield your activity from prying eyes over WiFi. Most operating systems have integrated VPN support.

We recommend your IT people set your inhouse parameters for Remote Desktop Connections from a devices that are to be used from home over an internet connection. Team LAWFUSION can provide your IT people with advice regarding relevant settings on your inhouse servers to enable this.

Case Studies

Cartwright King Case Study Video

One of the country’s largest providers of legal aid
Cartwright King wanted LAWFUSION for its sophisticated crime workflows and fee earner billing wizards. CEO, Rupert Hawke talks about how the firm has been able to use the software to adapt the business to not only cope with shrinking margins, but thrive.


EMG Solicitors Case Study Video

A Paperless Law Firm
This 7-minute video features an interview with Emma Gaudern, Managing Director of EMG Solicitors Limited.  Based in the North-East of England, the firm specialises in Court of Protection and Deputyships.  They chose LAWFUSION as a start-up firm in 2014 because they wanted to be a paperless law firm.  The firm has achieved great success and substantial growth in its first 2 years.


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