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Home Working For LAWFUSION On-Premise Clients

Guide to Working Remotely For LAWFUSION On-Premise Clients

As users of LAWFUSION installed locally on your own inhouse servers, we appreciate you have probably already set up homeworking for many, if not all, of your staff via your own inhouse IT team. However, if not, we would like to offer some guidance regarding how to set this up for users via your inhouse operating environment.


Our Recommendations

·         We recommend you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs can be used to shield your activity from prying eyes over Wifi and most operating systems have integrated VPN support.

For robust security we recommend VPN for all home working options.

·         If you are set up in the office to connect to a terminal server, depending on your inhouse settings, it should be possible to connect to this via a Remote Desktop Connection from a device over an Internet connection remotely (i.e. from your home). Your inhouse IT people may need to make some changes to allow this.

·         If you work on a PC whilst at the office, if you leave it on 24/7, depending on your inhouse setup, it should be possible to connect to this from another device via a Remote Desktop Connection over an Internet connection (i.e. from home). Again your inhouse IT people may need to make some changes to allow this.

·         The two Remote Desktop Connection options outlined above are recommended rather than installing the LAWFUSION software on your own Laptop and trying to use it over the VPN. This will more than likely result in poor performance due to the SQL database being installed on your inhouse servers.

We have guidance on the LAWFUSION Support Website which provides minimum recommended specifications for devices here which I am sure your inhouse IT people will find useful: –

Of course because your inhouse operating environment resides on your own inhouse servers we are not privy to the details of your firm’s specific setup. However, if your inhouse IT people need any clarification on any of the information outlined here, relating to home working, the LAWFUSION support team is available in an advisory capacity on 0845 345 3300 and is more than happy to help.

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