According to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics in England and Wales, being married continues to be the most common marital status for those age 16 and over in 2016. However, the married population has decreased by almost 4% since 2002.

Also, according to a recent FT article, the number of “cohabiting couple” families has more than doubled in the two decades to 2016, from around 1.5m in 1996 to 3.2m last year.  The article looks back to 1972 and shows how the marriage trend has declined since then. The journalist highlights the legal difficulties facing co-habiting couples that decide to split and all the complications regarding children, assets and other financial matters such as inheritance tax etc. The legal challenges are a result of there being no such thing as common-law marriage in England and Wales.

It seems these trends are set to continue which means family lawyers need to ensure their case management software is flexible enough to handle both divorce and cohabitation separations effectively.

LAWFUSION, the popular legal practice management system designed by Select Legal Systems Limited for law firms, offers a comprehensive family law module that, like all other LAWFUSION modules, is incredibly user-friendly and flexible enabling firms to adapt existing divorce workflows for cohabitation split cases or to write brand new ones from scratch that reflect their preferred working practises and procedures.

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