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Financial Mis-Selling Software

Financial Mis-Selling Software

Case management software for high volume claims work
such as the PPI financial mis-selling scandal

LAWFUSION enables legal service providers to create cases for different types of financial mis-selling relating to products such as loans, credit cards, store cards, mortgages, timeshares, pension annuities, solar panels and hire purchase etc.  It drives a series of steps to gather relevant information and produces the necessary documents and letters required for this area of law.

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Key Features

Risk Assessment File Review

There is a series of risk assessment file review steps included in this module, with a recurring monthly review reminder and file opening form.  Production of initial letter and questionnaire to the client and the client care pack are included.


Reminder tasks are built-in regarding limitation dates counting down from 1 year, 6 months, 3 months etc.  and are displayed in the ‘litigation manager’ view to ensure they are not missed.  The reminder tool also handles client instruction reminders.

Policy Documents & Templates

Policy documents and letters to/from the lender are handled by the financial mis-selling module.  E.g. Letters to the lender with a subject access or S77/78 disclosure request are included with an automatic task for the fee earner 40 days later to trigger the allocation questionnaire for the court.  Plus all the relevant template letters for client and lender are available to make life very easy for fee earners.

Premiums, Claim & Refund

Users can log and update PPI premium information, record claim details and responses from the lender.  Workflow steps are provided to capture information about whether or not the claim has been acknowledged and / or details of any offer amount, with all relevant letters and documentation generated automatically along the way.

Financial Ombudsen

When it is necessary to refer a claim to the Financial Obmudsman the software provides a clear workflow procedure with relevant letters and complaints forms to progress this stage of the case quickly and efficiently.

Financial Services Compensation

The module includes the procedure for submitting a claim to the FSCS with all the necessary correspondence, documentation and reminder tasks.

Court Action & Counsel

The module guides users through the process for any cases that lead to court action including submission of the N1 Claim Form, the Allocation Questionnaire and Draft Directions to The Lender.  It produces all the necessary reminders regarding Questionnaire due dates, Hearing dates etc. too.

Workflow steps for instructing counsel are provided with a blank instruction template.

Court Bundle Generator

LAWFUSION is highly regarded for its court bundle generator feature that is available with several of its modules including the Financial Mis-Selling Module.  Well presented bundles, without a doubt, have a positive impact in court and no fee earner should waste valuable fee earning time preparing bundles manually.  With LAWFUSION it is quick, easy and efficient to produce an electronic PDF Court Bundle.

Auto Form Completion

The module offers Laserforms N244 and N1 for auto completion.

Other Laserforms can be added if requried.

Finance & Settlement Cheques

Access to account posting requests and bill production are included with the module with chaser letters.  The software also produces a letter for the Lender confirming acceptance of the refund and an option to check the balance on the account.

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