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Employment Software

Employment Software

Case management software for employment law

With LAWFUSION’s employment software module law firms can increase case loads, speed up processes and increase profitably.  Designed with client satisfaction in mind the software takes the user via a variety of paths depending on whether the firm is acting on behalf of the claimant or the respondent OR for contentious or non-contentious employment work.

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Key Features

Document Management

The system provides a large bank of template letters for employment work.  Pre-set with relevant merge fields, wherever possible, all LAWFUSION documents pull through key information from various parts of the system.  E.g.  today’s date, references, client contact details etc.

A full range of other pre-populated document types are also available within the employment software module such as attendance and telephone notes and many more and LAWFUSION provides an alignment tool that allows firms to pre-determine styles, layouts, fonts etc. and using Word Customisation with LAWFUSION users can insert branded letterhead headers and footers for a professional look and feel to all correspondence.

Useful Employment Links

LAWFUSION is full of time-saving, efficiency enhancing features.  For instance there is an area within the Employment Module where links to useful employment law websites such as ACAS can be found, making it incredibly easy to jump across to a website wherever you are in the system to help you progress your case.

Important Dates

The ‘Key Dates’ feature is available in LAWFUSION for any area of law, but it can be particularly helpful to lawyers handling employment law cases.

Important dates or ‘key dates’ are handled in three ways in LAWFUSION:

  • within the workflow
  • within the diary functionality
  • and they can be displayed in a special ‘key dates panel’ in the case

Within the diary ‘Key Dates’ tab users can display a view for a selected user, all users, they can include dates completed / not completed and a Partner can review ‘Key Dates’ for the whole firm and at the click of a button export them to Excel.


The diary is a particularly feature-rich area of LAWFUSION and it is fully integrated with all other areas of the system.  Users have the option of creating diary appointments from within a case and when an appointment is linked to a case time-recording can be switched on.

There is a automatic reminder/to do feature within LAWFUSION which produces reminders as part of the workflow system.   For example following the completion of a certain task e.g.  the client care step a reminder will be generated for 7 days later to remind the user to chase the signed terms of business if this has not yet been received. These reminders are shown as a list in the users system diary and are colour coded as follows: red – overdue, green – today, blue – future.

Auto-Complete Forms

Within the employment module you will find all the necessary forms for progressing your case such as the ET1 and ET3.
They are configured to auto-complete with the relevant information from data held elsewhere in the system.

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