Employment Law & The Brexit Debate

Ariel shot of hundreds of people grouped together to show an organisation chart, one oblong box shape at the top with three lines leading to three smaller square boxes all formed by the peopleEmployment Law is in the news today linked to the Brexit / Bremain debate.  If the great British public decide next month we should leave the European Union pundits are saying there could be significant implications for this area of law.

Many key employment rights derive from EU legislation.  Equal opportunities, holiday entitlement and working time directive to name just three.  Commentators are saying a Brexit result could weaken the UK’s situation or even lead to the Government repealing some laws all together.


If the UK votes to leave the European Union it will have to give two years’ notice.  This will mean an interesting yet chaotic period as we transition and work out such issues as whether judgements by European Courts of Justice will still bind UK courts.

Law firms with specialist skills in employment law will be highly sought after and good legal case management software for employment law will be too.

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