Select Legal Systems Limited has negotiated a deal with Egress for LAWFUSION users for their Email and File Protection service.

Egress provides easy-to-use, flexible email and file encryption to help you improve your data security procedures. In addition to encrypting message contents and attachments, it also provides functionality that allow users to revoke access, audit user actions and add message restrictions to prevent mishandling.

Like most businesses today law firms rely heavily on email as a primary form of communication and are faced with the ever increasing challenges of  protecting the sensitive data they need to share with people both inside and outside the Practice.  With the advent of legislation such as GDPR, which cites ‘personal data security’ as one of its main principles, all businesses are under pressure to do more to protect sensitive information. Each time a member of staff sends an email, particularly if it has an attachment, they could be putting the firm at risk, and tools like Egress are designed to help and are certainly worth consideration.

The special offer Select Legal Systems Limited has negotiated with Egress for LAWFUSION users is 15% discount for firms with less than 10 users. For firms with more than 10 users discounts are available but will be considered on a case by case basis.

For firms with more than 10 users please contact who will introduce you to the relevant person at Egress so that you can discuss your subscription discount.

For more information about LAWFUSION, or Select Legal Systems please call 01482 567601 today. Alternatively their online enquiry form is available here.