The statistics published by the Ministry of Justice recently show the extent of the impact of the Government’s legal aid cuts and they were reported in the Independent on the last day of October. The highly controversial cuts removed assistance for almost all social welfare cases, including benefits, employment, housing (except homelessness), immigration (except asylum) and family (except in cases of domestic violence).

The article reports dramatic statistics such as a £1bn worth of cuts (99.5%) in welfare cases down from 83,000 claimants in 2012/13 to just 440 cases in the last financial year. A 74% drop in the number of people receiving legal aid for family and civil cases from 575,000 to 145,000. For the same period we have seen a 57% drop in the number of successful legal aid claims in prison law cases – from 41,000  to 18,000.

Ministers haven’t announced their own analysis but have announced there will be a review. Dominic Raab, the Justice Minister has said he will be writing to interested parties shortly to seek views on the reforms.

The Bach Commission’s final report on ‘Access To Justice’ (published 22-9-17)  represents the view that the legal aid cuts of recent years have significantly eroded access to justice and proposes a ‘Right to Justice Act’ to get things back on track. From the profession’s point of view all of this means legal aid is firmly back on the political agenda.

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