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When it comes to the legal IT market there is no denying there are lots of software systems to choose from and the slick, marketing copy associated with each one can often sound pretty similar.

For law firms trying to differentiate between the variety of legal practice management systems available long-standing supplier Select Legal Systems Limited, authors of the popular LAWFUSION system, offers a few words of sound advice.


Busy law firm execs responsible for selecting new systems should look beyond the sales patter, delving into the substance behind the system by asking the following important questions:

Does the supplier have law firm case studies?

Any software supplier worth its salt should have clients willing to stand up and be counted.
If there is no case study material available ask yourself why?
Please view our selection of written and video law firm case studies here.
They are all honest testimonials regarding the LAWFUSION software and Select Legal’s services.
There are no -paid-for endorsements.


Do they tick all the important boxes?

ISO 27001 ISOQAR logo with "certificate number 15005-ISN - 001 ISO 27001"

– LAWFUSION is fully compliant with the solicitors accounts rules.

– It is regularly updated in line with current legislation.

– It fully supports firms wishing to achieve and maintain LEXCEL standards.

– It complies with the Legal Aid Agency and MOJ requirements.

– Select Legal is ISO 27001 certified at company level and also at datacentre level for cloud users

– Select Legal has the CyberEssential Badge the Government-backed cyber security certification designed to safeguard organisations from cyber attacks.

– Select Legal Systems are members of the LSSA (Legal Software Suppliers Association).

What level of integration are you going to get?

Some technology companies in the legal software marketplace are currently marketing ‘bolted-together’ software tools as fully integrated.  However, many are not adequately ‘integrated’ and many firms have found themselves burdened with clunky systems made up of a series of software modules that are entirely disparate from each other.  When you choose LAWFUSION you only need one telephone number, as Select Legal has one specialist team for all your software, implementation and support needs.  All LAWFUSION modules are fully integrated in the truest sense of the word.


Is It leading edge?

The software suppliers that stand out from the crowd are the ones continually developing their software to make sure it is fit-for-purpose for the highly dynamic legal market place.  Select Legal Systems’ team of talented legal software developers are continually in touch with their clients and studying the industry’s needs to enable them to regularly enhance existing modules and add new ones in line with market demand.  Two recent examples of this are the LAWFUSION App that is designed to help fee earners on the move, and the LAWFUSION CRM & Marketing Module regarding which they are currently surveying the market re law firm needs.


Do they offer both cloud AND On-premise?

Choosing where to host your legal practice management system is a unique decision for every law firm. There are good reasons for choosing either depending on a firm’s situation.  Select Legal Systems offers both options and has hundreds of satisfied users in both camps.  There is a Select Legal Video available called “Cloud vs On-Premise” and a practical check-list designed to help any law firm struggling with this decision.

Do they have a relevant track record?

How long has the legal software supplier been in the industry and are they really geared up to work with a firm like yours?  Select Legal Systems was established in 1983 and is the system of choice for hundreds of UK law firms.  Over the years Team LAWFUSION has had the previlage of working with some of the best firms in the business and this long term exposure shows in the way the company develops and delivers its software.


If you would like LAWFUSION Demonstration or any further information please call 01482 567601 during office hours.  Alternatively the LAWFUSION online enquiry form  is available around the clock.