If you have a vested interest in litigation costs management this news post and its link to a Costs Management Survey  from Select Legal Systems Limited, authors of specialist software for law firms, will be of interest to you.

As one of the first legal software suppliers to offer a specific ‘costs management’ software module as part of their suite of integrated legal practice management software, Select Legal Systems Limited are keen to assess levels of demand for costs management software amongst law firms practicing  litigation for the next 12 months and beyond, as they reflect on the changes in costs budgeting since the Jackson Reforms.  (View / complete the online survey online here.)

It’s almost a decade since the Jackson Report first hit our desks (2010). This review of civil litigation costs represents what has been a significant step-change for litigators and led to the enforcement of ‘costs management’ in April 2013. For Select Legal Systems Limited, as a leading supplier of software for law firms,  it led to an early flurry of requests from their most forward-thinking users at litigation firms, which resulted in the supplier developing and launching a brand new ‘Costs Management’ module, later that year, as part of their integrated suite of LAWFUSION software.

Joanne Hunter, Head of Marketing for Select Legal Systems said, “We believe we were the first legal software supplier to launch a fit-for-purpose, costs management module, as an integrated part of a practice management software suite.  Since its launch in 2013 we have continued to work closely with law firms to enhance and fine-tune the module. We are not aware of any legal software competitors that have anything as sophisticated as our module. Back in 2013, we were advised by industry pundits that law firm demand for this kind of software would be high. Uptake has been really good, but we we are keen gauge demand before we plan the next phase of development and marketing.”


Select Legal Systems have a good number of firms enjoying the benefits of the LAWFUSION costs management module  – e.g. being able to auto-produce precedent H (and more recently precedents R & S too), using costing templates with allocation against ‘cost stages’, and use litigation codes (born out of the original J-Codes theory) for litigation ‘tasks’ and ‘activities’ etc.  The module has been very well received.

Joanne Hunter added, “We have our own ideas on the forthcoming level of demand, based on our own experiences working with litigators and costs management teams. In fact, our QA Engineer was Costs Manager at a catastrophic PI and medical negligence firm before she came to us and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. However, we are also keen to hear from people currently working in litigation, who understand the challenges of costs management and the Jackson reforms today in 2019 and looking ahead.”

The costs management survey is available to complete online here.  It has 18 questions and takes on average 6 minutes to complete.

If you would like any further information about the LAWFUSION costs management module any other aspect of the software, please call 01482 567601 between 9am and 5.30pm week days, or alternatively please use the online enquiry form to book a LAWFUSION demonstration or request further information.

For a LAWFUSION costs management case study – please follow this link.