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Debt Collection Software

Debt Collection Software

Comprehensive legal case management software for Debt Collection work

The LAWFUSION Debt Collection software module enables law firms to manage debt cases, logging transactions, producing documentation and calculating accumulating interest on a daily basis. For both County and High Court debt recovery this module is structured in sections setting out major tasks and within each section there is a series of steps (minor tasks) guiding users through the debt collection process.

As with all LAWFUSION modules the debt collection workflow chart is fully integrated with all other LAWFUSION modules, including the legal accounts area, and it is entirely flexible which means it can be tailored to meet your firm’s unique and exacting standards.

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Key Features

Debt Document Management

The LAWFUSION Debt Collection module includes standard letters to the client, debtor, court and bailiff as well as blank template letters for ad hoc correspondence.  All standard letters and documents can be called up in an instant, automatically assembling and pre-populating with information from the case, saving users from constantly having to re-enter the same details more than once.


Email Management & SMS Messaging

LAWFUSION is highly integrated with the Microsoft Office Suite including Outlook.  All debt documents can be emailed to Courts, agents and other relevant parties. The LAWFUSION ‘add to case’ button in Outlook makes it slick and easy for debt staff to save emails to relevant cases. SMS Text messaging can also be used to send relevant reminders and notices to debtors etc.



Reminders are set for fee earners to confirm receipt of important paperwork.  Chase reminders can be set up automatically too and all of this can be configured to display on the ‘Case Details Screen’ which presents all key case information to the fee earner.

Chase Letters

When dealing with large volume debt collection for your clients, it is essential your debt handlers are able to generate Chase Letters efficiently. This is accomplished in LAWFUSION using the auto reminders system. Users can quickly monitor all outstanding ‘chase actions’ and generate suitable ‘chase letters’ in volume at the click of a button.

Auto-interest Calculations

The LAWFUSION Debt software allows for different interest rates on different debts. It can calculate interest daily and also freeze interest if required. The module also creates a schedule for payment of the debt, records transactions for the debt and sets the next payment due date.

Claims, Judgements and Enforcement Actions

The software guides users on how to record the particulars of the claim, the production of the N1 claim form and the letter to court requesting issues of summons.

Steps are included in the workflow to update the interest calculation and obtain default judgement, along with the production of the N227 as well as relevant judgement correspondence.

The software can be used to progress enforcement actions such as requesting debtors to attend court, execution of goods (bailiffs) and charging orders etc.

Debt Forms

As well as the N1 and N227 forms mentioned earlier, LAWFUSION works with Laserforms which means the N255, N30(1) and N30 can also be included when you implement the debt module.

Wherever possible and relevant the system is designed to auto-complete and merge existing information from other areas of the system into forms and documents etc. preventing the need for users to rekey data.

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