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Data Conversion Service

Data Conversion Service

For Law Firms Upgrading To LAWFUSION

Select Legal Systems Limited can convert data from ALL the major suppliers in this marketplace.

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System Migration

Data Conversions


Data Conversion (sometimes referred to as data or system migration) is an important aspect of choosing / buying a new legal practice management system.

Law firms build up years of valuable data and it is imperative that it is available from the old supplier to migrate to the newly chosen system.

Starting a new system without bringing their historic data with them would not be an option for most firms, and re-keying it into the new system would not be advisable. So for firms switching software supplier data conversion should be a key consideration in terms of your selection criteria.

Specialist Data Migration Team


Legal Practice Management data conversion is a specialist area.

With LAWFUSION being the system of choice for hundreds of UK law firms, our expert data conversion team has vast experience migrating data over from the many different practice management systems that exist in today’s legal software marketplace.

The team’s focus is to make this process as easy and efficient as possible for clients.


Vital Information


Every law firm’s business is unique and so is their data. Our specialist team will work closely with you to ensure the vital data that is important to your business will be brought across successfully and efficiently from your old system into LAWFUSION.

With a data migration to LAWFUSION, depending on your requirements and the availability of your data, you can expect the following data types to be converted:

  • Contacts
  • Clients
  • Matters
  • Matter Transactions
  • Nominals
  • Nominal Transactions
  • Bills
  • Time details
  • Disbursements
  • Documents / Emails
  • Banks
  • Bank Transactions
  • Cash Book
  • Suppliers
  • Supplier Transactions
  • and more


Data Retrieval Warning


It is common knowledge that some software vendors are more helpful and flexible than others when it comes to providing you with your data if you decide to leave them. Some are known to put the emphasis on the law firm, i.e. expecting them to extract their own data for passing on to their new supplier – only leaving access to their old system open for a limited amount of time .

Often hidden in the small print, this scenario tends to come as a surprise to firms when they find out they only have access to limited reports and that they have to manually email documents to themselves for peace-meal retrieval.  Starting life with a new practice management system when huge chunks of your data is missing is less than ideal for any law firm.

Make sure you have in writing, before you sign the contract, that if you choose to change system again in the future ALL your data is completely retrievable – and it will be made available in a usable format – auto-generated – with no manual intervention required by yourselves. Ask the following questions before you sign on the dotted line:

– if we choose to leave you in the future will you auto-generate a copy of our data in SQL database (or other database) format for data migration purposes?

– ask them to list the types of data that will be available for data conversion, and how will they ensure they also provide the relevant paths and structural information that indicates how all your different data records relate to each other.

– ask how they will provide copies of all case related documents etc.  and how they will make it clear how each document is associated to the relevant matter/file etc.

– be sure to ask them how much they charge for retrieving your data in a usable format.

Trial Conversion


Ahead of your live data conversion we always run a trial conversion to test the process for you approval and to pick up and resolve any likely issues before the live conversion. If required we will run more than 1 trial conversion as we aim to make the live conversion process a guaranteed success.

This is a popular option for some firms.  In this short case study video Managing Director of Cartwright King, Rupert Hawke talks about how they took advantage of this when they migrated across to LAWFUSION in 2009.

The Select Legal data conversions team will discuss the option of a trial conversion with you.


Our Data Migration Experience


Select Legal Systems has vast experience converting data over from most of the legal practice management systems out there. Of course the success of the data conversion task depends entirely on the availability and access provided to you by your previous supplier. However, the company’s expert data migration team will bend over backwards to help you retrieve your valuable data from your previous system, and efficiently migrate it over to LAWFUSION. The team has successfully tackled even the trickiest of systems currently in use by law firms, and  Select has many happy clients who would be willing to speak to you about their LAWFUSION data conversion experience.


Talk To Us About Your Options


If you are planning to switch to LAWFUSION from any of the following systems, talk to us today about your data conversion options – on 01482 567601:

  • AdvicePro
  • AIM
  • Advanced
  • Alpha Law
  • Axxia
  • Clio
  • Cognito
  • DPS
  • Eclipse / Proclaim
  • Evolution
  • FWBX
  • Harevest
  • iLaw
  • Indigo
  • Insight Legal
  • Italax
  • Katron
  • Kestrel
  • KeyLaw
  • Laserform
  • LawByte
  • LawCloud
  • LawPro
  • Leap
  • Legal Ledger
  • LegalOffice
  • Linetime
  • Meridian
  • Moutain
  • Mylegaloffice
  • Norwell
  • OfficeCase
  • Opsis
  • Osprey
  • Paragon
  • PC Law
  • Peapod
  • Peppermint
  • Perfect Books
  • Proclaim / Eclipse
  • Professional Technologies
  • Quaestor
  • QuickBooks
  • Quill
  • Redbrick
  • Sage
  • Sol Ledger
  • Solidus
  • SOS
  • StrongBox
  • TFB
  • Timeslice
  • TPS
  • Videss
  • Xero

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