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CRM & Marketing Software for Law Firms

CRM & Marketing Software for Law Firms

Within the LAWFUSION database, which sits at the heart of your Practice Management System, there is a goldmine of information that you can use for marketing purposes. LAWFUSION provides all the tools you need to find, attract and win new clients, to nurture and retain existing clients and entice former clients back to the fold. There is absolutely no need, in this day and age, for law firms to rekey, import and hold their marketing data in a separate system. With LAWFUSION you can maximise the information you already have in your central database, see where your current business comes from and identify your most valuable areas of business.

LAWFUSION’s specialist legal software authors at Select Legal Systems are on the ball re new and up and coming legislation too. Recently (May 2018) they added a GDPR Module to help law firms comply with this important, new data protection legislation, and they are working closely with law firms currently to fine tune and perfect this new area of the system.

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Key Features

Full Contact Management and Contact History

When the LAWFUSION database is used to its full potential, everyone in the Practice can see a full record of all contact with the client or prospect – as users log incoming /outgoing telephone conversations, meetings, appointments and all correspondence – letters in / out, emails and text messages.

LAWFUSION users can also take advantage of the powerful Workflow functionality for sales, marketing and customer service procedures – automating, prompting and recording all activities – for practice-wide information sharing. LAWFUSION’s Diary and Task Management facilities are excellent for customer relationship management too helping to drive consistent follow-up of all sales opportunities.

Promotes Cross-Selling

LAWFUSION can be used to promote cross selling across all areas of the Practice. E.g. LAWFUSION workflow can prompt fee earners, on completion of a property purchase or sale to offer a Will update service. In fact LAWFUSION can be configured to suit different marketing needs for different departments. The cross selling opportunities are endless.

Targeted Campaign Management

The Marketing Module makes it very easy for you to send and record letters, mailers, emails etc. to your clients and prospective clients, individually or en masse. Specifying specific criteria, allowing you to hone in on any area of the system, you can extract lists of contacts for targeted campaigns to generate interest in your services.

Marketing Procedures

Marketers can take advantage of the powerful workflow tool in LAWFUSION to build automated marketing procedures for law firm marketing teams to follow. For example if a firm has a specific way they wish all leads or referrals to be handled, including how you produce quotations and conduct follow up activities etc. a marketing procedure can be set up that will guide users through the stages, recording relevant data as they go.


Quotations for prospective clients are generated automatically and a follow up list is maintained to monitor conversion successes. Upon receiving instructions to proceed the ‘prospect’ record is automatically converted to ‘client’ status and the original details are retained allowing the fee earner to quickly start work on the case. This functionality is designed to enable firms to respond faster to enquiries which in turn will lead to more enquiry conversions and the ultimate objective of growing your business.

Powerful Slice and Dice List Building

With the LAWFUSION Marketing Module you can build lists based from criteria from all areas of the system – including address book records, client records, matters, document records and case management. There is ‘all/any’ and ‘and/or’ filtering and you can search on lead contacts only or all contacts. Once the list is built marketers have the functionality to double click on items to go into the actual database records.

This is all very useful for target marketing, isolating groups of contacts and keeping your database clean and up-to-date.

You can also use the LAWFUSION Report Writer for marketing purposes too, this can be pointed at any part of the LAWFUSION system for indepth interrogation.

Mailshotting and E-Shotting

Once your marketing lists are built – you may need to write to the group of contacts you have isolated. You can do this automatically in the marketing module with either a bulk mailshot letter or a bulk email (eshot).

You can design mailshot and eshot templates in LAWFUSION, adding images, logos and graphics too and you can record mailshot / eshot responses with codes in the system – for further contact list building for follow on marketing.

Lead Handling and Logging

You can use LAWFUSION to set up a lead handling and logging procedure for each department to ensure all incoming sales opportunities are handled consistently and professionally across the Practice at all times – ensuring no sales opportunity is missed.

Reporting on leads received each month can be set up and monitored so you can establish how many sales leads are being converted, allowing you to adjust or enhance your lead handling procedures accordingly.

New GDPR Module

Select Legal’s talented team of LAWFUSION developers are working on a brand new GDPR module that will be ready for release in time for the 25 May 2018 GDPR deadline. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been described as the biggest shake up in data protection legislation for 20 years and brings stronger rights for individuals in terms of how organisations are allowed to process their personal data. The new regulation is about transparency and accountability and the new LAWFUSION GDPR module acknowledges this, and provides functionality that will help you comply covering 1) ID verification 2) GDPR rights requests / actions logging and managing those requests / actions 3) A GDPR document library for your privacy notices, data protection impact assessments etc. 4) Tagging the legal grounds, at contact level, on which you have chosen to process personal data and 5) easy production of personal data reports / files. Select Legal issued a white paper written especially for law firms in December 2017 – Do You Have All Your GDPR Ducks In A Row.

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