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Crime Software

Criminal Case Management Software & Billing Software For Law Firms

Complete Functionality For Managing Criminal Cases
From Police Station To Crown Court

Entirely focused on enabling fee earners to handle large criminal case loads profitably, LAWFUSION delivers functionality for both Legal Aid Agency funded work and private-paying client cases. The Criminal Case Management Software covers everything, from the Police Station to the Crown Court, and is compliant with Legal Aid Prison Law as well as having a comprehensive management system for LGFS and AGFS claims.

The key benefits of our legal software for criminal defence lawyers are:

  • You can have LAWFUSION with you wherever you are – in the office, in court or at home.
  • The software ensures your matters are claimed on time, with the correct rates and fees, and on the right forms e.g. AF1, AF2, LF1, LF2, LF10, LF1FF, CRM 7, CRM11, CRM18, CRM18A, 5144 and all other relevant forms.
  • LAWFUSION will reduce your backlog of criminal cases waiting to be billed.
  • The specialist legal crime software is designed to free up fee earners’ time.
  • It replaces the services of a cost draftsman.
  • Our crime case management and billing software generates all relevant documentation automatically at the touch of a button.
  • It eliminates many repetitive, labour-intensive tasks for fee earners and cashiers.
  • LAWFUSION simply, accurately and speedily records all relevant time, actions and expenses.
  • LAWFUSION provides full compliance with an extensive range of Legal Aid Agency schemes and systems.
  • LAWFUSION is fully Lexcel Compliant.
  • LAWFUSION aims to empower criminal law firms to make the very best use of technology helping them not only to survive, in this very challenging area of law, but to actually thrive.


Specialist Billing & Time Recording

LAWFUSION’s specialist time recording for crime work is built for speed and accuracy and provides everything a criminal lawyer could possibly need to ensure the firm claims for all work carried out, in a timely manner and at the correct rates.

For a demonstration of how this functionality works please call:
01482 567601

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Auto-Form Production

With LAWFUSION you get automatic creation of all the necessary crime forms at the push of a button. For Police Station, Prison and Magistrates’ court work LAWFUSION makes CRM11, CRM7, CRM18/A and CDS6 (Monthly Submission Report) quick and easy. At the Crown Court both the LF1 form and AF1 form are produced for litigators and advocates’ work, and for cases that go on further POCA cases can be quickly billed producing form 5144.

On top of the claim forms, LAWFUSION also enables users to quickly produce application forms across the whole criminal defence library.

For a demonstration of how this functionality works please call:
01482 567601

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Assessed Claims Manager

This LAWFUSION module handles not only Litigator Graduated Fees Scheme (LGFS) and Advocate Graduated Fees Scheme, but also magistrates’ court non-standard claims and Police Station exceptional claims, with full form production at the click of a button.

For a demonstration of how this functionality works please call:
01482 567601

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