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Court of Protection Software

Court of Protection Software

Legal case management software for Court of Protection and Deputyship Work

This LAWFUSION workflow module has been designed working closely with law firms who specialise in Court of Protection and Deputyship work acting on behalf of people who lack mental capacity to make decisions for themselves on matters relating to property, financial affairs and personal welfare.

The module consists of a number of ‘sections’ (major tasks) and within each ‘section’ there is a series of ‘steps’ (minor tasks) designed to gather all the relevant information needed to progress cases and complete all necessary documentation.

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Key Features

Document Production

The software enables users to prepare Court of Protection and Deputyship documents for their clients and it contains a library of relevant document and letter templates. Documents are set to auto-complete, wherever possible, pulling through information such as today’s date, contact address and Fee Earner details to save time. A template witness statement is included along with template letters for sending onto Court of Protection.

The software can drive pre-population of  attendance and telephone notes too and LAWFUSION can be set to match your pre-determined layout, style and font.




Forms Production

Firms have the option to buy laserforms with LAWFUSION for specific areas of law. For Court of Protection work laserforms can be used to assist the speedy processing of cases and as information is captured when users follow the steps of the workflow it is used to pre-populate relevant fields within the forms.

LAWFUSION deals with all requisite forms for this area of law including COP1A, COP3, COP4, COP9, COP14, COP15, COP20 and COP20B.


Each LAWFUSION User has access to a diary and task planner system.

Reminders are set for Fee Earners to confirm receipt of important paperwork and other reminder tasks can be added. These can be displayed on the case details screen to keep everyone on track.

Time Recording

The software design team for LAWFUSION has done everything they can think of to make time recording less of a chore. The software works in a variety of ways to suit the preferred working practices of different fee earners. Time recording can be set up to prompt users to record a unit of time when sending a short email for example or sending a text on behalf of a client.  Time recording prompts can be pre-set to follow completion of a certain step in the workflow or following a document generation task. Alternatively fee earners who prefer to work in a more manual way can input time data however and whenever they deem fit. The LAWFUSION time recording module is fully integrated with all other modules within the suite.

Email Management & SMS Text Messaging

LAWFUSION is heavily integrated with all Microsoft Office tools including Outlook, Word, Excel etc.  Court of Protection documents, letters and forms can be emailed to relevant parties directly from the case record. Users save incoming emails and attachments direct to the relevant case with one click.

SMS messaging can also be used and saved in this way.

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