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Court Document Bundler Software

Court Bundle Creation Software For Law Firms

Generate Electronic PDF Bundles – Quickly, Easily and Efficiently

A popular module of LAWFUSION is its “digital bundler”. Mainly used by fee earners who represent clients in court, but also used by other law firm staff for all kinds of documents that need bundling together electronically, for a variety of purposes (e.g. for Deputyship and Court of Protection bundles, bundles for costs draftsmen to work on, conveyancing info packs, home buyers’ guides, packs for immigration tribunals for employment tribunals, welcome packs for clients, or for packaging up an entire case history for clients, bundles for other solicitors – i.e. either for the other side, or when clients are moving between solicitors. Basically the bundler is ideal any time the fee earner needs a neat collection of files pulling together electronically, with a contents page as a professional PDF bundle.)

If you are from one of the many firms still sweating over the cumbersome, manual production of bundles outside your Practice Management Software, or paying up to £45 per bundle to produce bundles via a 3rd-party tool, the Digital Court Bundler module could be one of the many reasons LAWFUSION is right for your firm.

Law firms get the digital court bundler as part of the far-reaching set of modules available as standard with the LAWFUSION legal practice management software system, with no additional charges per bundle. The bundler module has become even more popular since the Covid19 pandemic struck the world, as producing bundles from home is quick, easy and stress free with LAWFUSION.

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Key Features

What does it do?

In this day and age, no lawyer should have to waste valuable fee-earning time manually sorting, copying and numbering bundles. The LAWFUSION Document Bundler allows users to digitally collate a number of documents together, easily from various sources to create a single merged document in the form of a PDF file. (E.g. a bundle can be a combination of documents, emails and notes generated using LAWFUSION, added to LAWFUSION from third parties, and also files stored outside of LAWFUSION). You can save the bundle to the relevant case file, attach it to an email from the case management module, or automatically as part of a workflow, and of course print it from your desktop.


Easy Drag & Drop & Automatic Page Numbering

LAWFUSION users love the easy drag and drop functionality that drives the Bundler software. Users can choose to switch on automatic page numbering for bundles. Also a contents page is automatically created as the user manipulates the relevant documents  – easily adding, removing, re-ordering and saving documents as a bundle, whilst preparing for court. Users can store and share key information about their bundle in the bundle description too.

File Types & Progress Bar

LAWFUSION will enable users to pull together a wide range of file types into a digital bundle whether they reside within your LAWFUSION Practice Management System or outside of it. Images, diagrams, photographs (.jpgs), Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, emails, LAWFUSION Notes etc. can all be combined neatly into one digital court bundle. Your bundle can even include LAWFUSION case notes and accounts notes, with the simple ticking of a checkbox. As the software is creating the bundle users see a progress bar showing a percentage representing completion, as it runs through all the files the user has chosen for their bundle. Users can see where files have been converted successfully or where any have not converted for whatever reason.

Indexing & Index Styles

There are 3 index styles available in LAWFUSION for users to choose from, and users can modify these and create more as and when required. You will see your index building as you work on your bundler. As you drag, drop, add or remove documents to and from your bundle the index page panel gives you a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) display of your index page, with automatic page numbering and bookmarks for linking to documents. Users can overwrite the automation in an index easily as they see fit, and also choose to include specific Workflow questions from case management in their bundler indexes.

Via the bundler toolbox users can add text labels to their index, a picture box (e.g. for a logo perhaps), a table, a line or a page break etc.

Bundler Templates & Workflow

Once you are happy with your bundle, as a LAWFUSION user (with the required privileges) you have the option to save that bundle as a template so that you can re-use it yourself, or you can make it available for other users to re-use. Your firm may wish to create bundle templates for various areas of law or case type.

You can create a template and add it to a workflow for a specific type of case e.g. ‘Court of Protection’ so that it will load relevant documents and files, already saved to the case, straight into a bundle. Of course more than one bundle template can be created for each workflow if required.

PDF Protect

Select Legal Systems Limited is an ISO 270001 certified company for information security, so first-class security options are inbuilt throughout the LAWFUSION software and within all the company’s policies. In the very latest version of LAWFUSION “PDF-Protect” is available for digital bundles, giving firms the added security of being able to password protect certain bundles, where necessary.

Save & Come Back Later

Some bundles are larger than others and in complex cases may take time to pull together, involving yourself and other colleagues. With LAWFUSION a user can work on a bundle, save it and come back to it later. Or save it so that a colleague can continue to work on it. Users can “pin” a document bundle to the top of a case file for easy view / easy navigation.

Reduces Stress For Fee Earners

Adding last minute evidence is easy. In the world of manual bundles fee earners have always had to avoid revisions and leave bundle creation as late as they dare, putting immense pressure on themselves and their support staff. With LAWFUSION there is no need to delay as you can add last minute evidence very easily and the software automatically adjusts the page numbering and the index page for you. The bundle creation can be done in advance and saved, but printing can be carried out later when the fee earner is ready. With the very latest version of LAWFUSION there is an option to rotate pages to comply with court regulations. LAWFUSION will also reduce the DPI (dots per inch) of images to adhere to court stipulations.

Ease of Navigation

When putting bundles together LAWFUSION provides a user-friendly document grid that enables the user to see all documents and file types related to the case. There is also filtering functionality available via this panel for cases that are document heavy for ease of navigation.

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