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Court Bundle Generator Software

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Electronic PDF Bundle Creation Quick, Easy & Efficient

Well-presented Court Bundles Have A Positive Impact

Every fee earner representing clients in court strives for the most well-prepared court bundle possible. We all know the positive impact it can have on court proceedings. However, if done manually this task can be incredibly cumbersome, time-consuming and stressful.

Save Time & Reduce Stress

In this day and age, no lawyer should have to waste valuable fee-earning time manually sorting, copying and numbering court bundles.

Easy Drag & Drop, Automatic Page Numbering and Indexing

With the LAWFUSION Court Bundle software you can build your bundles electronically using a drag and drop facility with automatic page numbering and contents page creation for printing on your own desktop.

Last Minute Evidence Is Not A Problem

Adding last minute evidence is taken care of too. To avoid revisions fee earners tend to leave bundle creation as late as they dare, putting immense pressure on themselves and their support staff. With LAWFUSION there is no need to delay as you can add last minute evidence very easily and the software automatically adjusts the page numbering and the index page for you. The bundle creation can be done in advance and the printing can be done when the time is right.

At A Glance

  • Many valuable hours of fee earner time saved
  • Easy drag and drop court bundle creation
  • Include scanned images, Word documents, PDFs, diagrams, emails, photographs and combine into one neat, electronic, PDF bundle
  • Add documents stored outside of LAWFUSION to your bundle
  • Add your PDF court bundle to a case, attach to an email and print from your desktop.
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Automatic indexing and contents page creation
  • Page count automatically calculates as you build your bundle
  • Reduces pressure on fee earners and support staff
  • Reduce likelihood of human error, and worse, delays in court
  • Revisions become a thing of the past
  • Re-order the court bundle pages easily as and when necessary
  • Reduces paper wastage from re-printing and correcting mistakes
  • No more manual page numbering with your ballpoint or numbering stamp and no lengthy re-numbering if you need to make changes to your court bundle
  • Save your court bundle as a template for future use
  • Store key information about your bundle in the bundle description
  • Option to amend index information – i.e. override automation
  • Store completed PDF court bundles in your case or document management system
  • PDF court bundles are easily searchable and retrievable
  • Your well-presented court bundles will help you achieve positive outcomes in court

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