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Conveyancing Software For Law Firms

Conveyancing Software

Legal case management software created by conveyancers for conveyancers

For dynamic law firms wishing to exploit the newly revived property market LAWFUSION’s legal case management software for conveyancers is designed to help streamline processes and increase capacity for handling larger volumes of work.

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Key Features

Conveyancing Work

The LAWFUSION Conveyancing module offers law firms a number of workflow charts for different types of conveyancing work.

For Residential Conveyancing:

  • Sale
  • Purchase
  • Re-mortgage
  • Plot Sale


For Commercial Property:

  • Sale
  • Purchase
  • Leases / CPSE

It is also very easy to create your own workflows and modify existing workflows.

Auto Case Handling For Profitability

Profitability is at the heart of LAWFUSION conveyancing.  Packed with time-saving, efficiency-enhancing features the software is designed to take a novice through the process with minimal input from a fee earner.  For firms moving from manual conveyancing or low level software to LAWFUSION the increase in capacity and scope for increasing profitability is significant.  Proven conveyancing workflow charts are available to modify or use as is. Alternatively law firms can create their own, unique, conveyancing case management procedures with the flexible LAWFUSION workflow software tool.

Fully Integrated

As a fully integrated legal practice management system, all the modules of LAWFUSION are integrated with each other.

Relevant information from other areas of the system can be pulled through and presented in the conveyancing module.

Like all LAWFUSION modules, the Conveyancing Module also offers sophisticated integration to all the Microsoft Office and Exchange products.

Case Tracker

LAWFUSION provides an online case tracker. This enables clients of law firms to check case progress, view case information and communicate with their solicitor 24/7 via LAWFUSION, email or SMS text message.

Your clients can get their answers quickly and easily via a secure internet connection without having to contact you directly, saving valuable time on both sides. The success of the service is a result of the unparalleled flexibility provided by LAWFUSION’s powerful workflow engine which is highly customisable.  As each matter is progressed details of changes are published to the case tracker portal making it available through any Web browser. The online tool can also be made available to estate agents, mortgage lenders and introducers.

Select Legal also supports LMS  (Legal Marketing Services) – STARS – an alternative to the LAWFUSION Case Tracker.

Quoting, Time Recording & Profitability

Every conveyance starts with a quote. With the LAWFUSION Conveyancing module users can set up quotations of their fees for clients, save them and manage them.  When the quotation becomes live it can be converted on the system from a quote to a case and the user can start following the workflow’s ‘steps’ to progress the case recording all activity as it moves forward.

Because much conveyancing work these days is fixed fee many law firms choose not to time record within their conveyancing department. However, some LAWFUSION users find it very useful.  Time recording in LAWFUSION is so flexible and user-friendly much of it is done in the background without impacting on the fee earner at all.  Firms often use time recording in LAWFUSION as a measure of profitability for their conveyancing cases, producing regular reports on this work type to help them keep this under close scrutiny.

Other Key Third-Party Integrations

Select Legal Systems’ team of legal software experts have embraced many of the leading third party conveyancing tools out there and provided LAWFUSION integrations for them, including:

  • ETSOS – leading online search tool
  • OneSearch – popular provider of conveyancing search reports
  • Completion Monitor – online completion check-list tool (there is a degree of overlap with this tool and LAWFUSION, however, for existing users of Completion Monitor Select Legal provides integration)
  • SDLT – Stamp Duty Land Tax – the integration enables LAWFUSION users to produce and submit forms at the click of a button for submissions as well as producing the SDLT5 form instantly.
  • Experian 192 & Call ML – ID verification tools for money laundering checks.
  • Perfect Portal – an online conveyancing quotation and referral portal

Solicitor to Client Communication

LAWFUSION caters for all types of solicitor / client communication.  Most conveyancing clients prefer to communicate with their solicitors via a mix of phone, email, text and letter depending on the subject matter, where they are and the time of day.

The conveyancing module offers robust functionality to ensure all communcations are saved to the relevant case and can be retrieved quickly and easily by fee earners. There is powerful integration to Outlook and other Microsoft products.  The SMS text messaging functionality that comes as standard with LAWFUSION allows users to send ad hoc texts from within cases or bulk texts to a group of people.  Users can also schedule pre-defined texts for delivery at a later time/date. Text messaging can be set up as part of a LAWFUSION workflow chart.

Laserforms - auto form completion

LAWFUSION supports auto form completion for various forms across many of its work types. Conveyancing is no exception.

For example within the LAWFUSION conveyancing  workflow steps users will find the Law Society Transaction forms (industry standard) and for purchases it will produce the 5th edition contract and memo of exchange.

Also Laserforms are included for commercial leases and commercial sale agreement in the commercial property workflow.

Land Registry forms are included with the LAWFUSION Conveyancing Module too.

Risk Management & Client Care Built In

All risk management checks for anti money laundering, conflicts etc. are included within LAWFUSION’s conveyancing workflow steps. The charts also include fees calculation (including a leasehold calculator), client care procedures and initial instructions etc. Key dates are recorded and displayed on the case.  The software will auto generate reminders so that absolutely nothing is missed.

All online and paper-based searches are handled, pre-exchange procedures, exchange of contracts, completion statements and bills as well as post completion and final searches.

The module makes sure all of this and more is carried out correctly and at the right time.

Secure Document Upload & Encrypted Emails

LAWUSION provides a ‘secure document uploader’ which enables law firms to post a document to a website securely for storing, and viewing by relevant parties.

Using a third-party tool, the LAWFUSION developers have added  ‘send securely’ button to Outlook allowing firms to encrypt email communications and attachments sent by their staff.

Case Studies / Relevant News

Video Case Study

H&R Hughes
Experts in private client and property work.This short, coffee-break sized video lasts just 6 minutes. It captures why LAWFUSION is the system of choice for many start-up law firms. It features an interview with Rod Hughes, founder/Partner of H&R Hughes. Rod explains why he chose LAWFUSION to run and grow his business as a new start up firm back in 2009.

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