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Complaints Software For Law Firms

Complaints Management Software

Another fully integrated software module for law firms to help them manage client complaints

Getting everything right 100% of the time is something that is absolutely impossible to achieve, despite best efforts. Complaints are an inevitable fact of life for any business. Whether genuine or unfounded, what is important is that complaints are handled and managed effectively. Working as part of a highly regulated industry, means law firms must have a written complaints procedure in place that enables employees to handle complaints promptly, fairly and efficiently – signposting clients to the Legal Ombudsman if they are unhappy with the outcome. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) provides full details of these requirements in their code of conduct. Users of LAWFUSION have the option to adopt and adapt the existing Complaints Management Workflow module for this purpose, and like all LAWFUSION workflow charts it is cost effective, intuitive and flexible.

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Key Features

Fully Integrated

Like all other LAWFUSION modules and workflow charts, the Complaints Management Software Module is fully integrated to all other areas of LAWFUSION. It draws on information law firm users have already entered into the system such as client contact and case details. It is also, as with all areas of LAWFUSION, integrated to key third party software tools such as Microsoft Office for letter and email generation etc., making it very easy to log, track and manage incoming complaints from clients.

Completely Customisable

Although there is a strict code of conduct in place from the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) for law firms on the handling of complaints, no two law firms work in exactly the same way. The authors of LAWFUSION appreciate this and inherent throughout the entire suite of software is a significant degree of flexibility allowing firms to reflect their own preferred working practices throughout all its workflow charts. This applies to the LAWFUSION complaints management module too of course. So whether you wish to adopt the complaints software in its entirety, or you’d prefer to adopt and adapt it to suit your firms needs – the flexibility is there and the choice is yours. Of course you can even create your own complaints management workflow steps yoursevles from scratch using the LAWFUSION generic workflow tool, and the LAWFUSION experts will be on hand to guide and support you as you do it.

Capture Feedback

The software is designed to enable users to capture all the relevant aspects of the client’s feedback relating to the complaint, quickly and easily and record them on the relevant case. Whether it is a complaint about a bill or customer service the feedback is logged and stored in one place so it can be managed efficiently. At this point the LAWFUSION workflow chart provides users with the opportunity to record the client’s suggested remedy and also enter a target ‘resolution’ date. The user will assign it to the relevant member of staff and the workflow will trigger a letter / email to the client acknowledging the complaint and advising who will be handling it on behalf of the firm.

Reminder Tasks

Within the software module users are prompted to set up ‘reminder tasks’ to ensure whoever is assigned to deal with the complaint knows what is expected of them next and when they need to do it, to ensure compliance with the firm’s complaints procedure.

Because LAWFUSION case management is linked to the LAWFUSION diary, users can build diary driven complaints management into the workflow, for auto-scheduling of key dates, tasks and reminders. E.g. As the fee earner progresses through the steps the software can be set to automatically generate reminders in the relevant person’s diary, and to produce letters automatically.

Complaint Investigation

Complaints handling involves investigation – i.e. The software provides users with the oppportunity to record their findings re the merits of the complaint, any evidence and important facts relating to the complaint. From this section of the workflow users can produce letters to the client to keep them informed, requesting further evidence and information, arranging meetings to discuss the complaint etc.

Resolution Procedure

Offers of resolution to the client are produced via the workflow and relevant steps carried out if the offer is not accepted and perhaps referred to a third party, mediator or ombudsman for review – e.g. emails or letters to notify the client accordingly. Correspondence can also be generated at this stage to offer an alternative resolution to the client.

Complaint Outcome

This section of the workflow produces a final letter to the client and closes the case, or notifies the client of their right to appeal, with appeal steps including ensuring a response is received from the Legal Ombudsman.

Correspondence Generation

Complaints handlers can use the software for generating all necessary correspondence relating to the complaint whether as letters or emails. Blank letters to the client, legal ombudsman, third parties, insurers or anyone else connected with the case are contained in the workflow together with blank A4 documents and attendance notes.

Other Complaints Features

The workflow also provides users with electronic accounts posting request link and ad-hoc reminder tasks. Quick links to relevant websites are also in here e.g. Legal Ombudsman and other links can be added and saved here if required. There are quick steps included for complaint closing and the removal of tasks no longer necessary. If time recording of functions for these activities are not required they can be switched off in the module.

Case Studies / Relevant News

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