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Cloud Computing For Law Firms


Cloud Computing for Law Firms

Because all law firms have different requirements we have made the LAWFUSION legal practice management software system available for the cloud and also as a traditional on-premise installation.

LAWFUSION Direct is Select’s cloud computing option for law firms. With this option, for a monthly fee, you get a full suite of legal practice management software as well as your fully integrated Microsoft Office and Exchange products – all hosted securely on the cloud.

Choosing between cloud and on-premise is a unique decision for every law firm. Select has hundreds of satisfied users in both camps relying on their flagship product, LAWFUSION, to run and grow their businesses.

ISO 27001 Information Security Certified:  Select Legal Systems is ISO 27001 certified at a company level and its LAWFUSION Direct cloud datacentre is also certified which means firms using LAWFUSION can rest assured they have chosen a software supplier that takes data security very seriously and follows strict best practice.  Read more.

If you have additional questions or you would like to discuss cloud computing for your firm with a member the Select Legal team, please call us 01482 567601. This page provides a whole raft of information for those who are considering cloud computing for their law firm.

To Help You Choose

Cloud or On-Premise Video

This ‘white paper style’ video features interviews with 4 law firms – all users of LAWFUSION – talking about their experiences with the cloud vs on-premise dilemma. It is designed to help senior execs at law firms decide between a cloud or an on-premise infrastructure for their practice management systems.

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Checklist Datasheet

Like many senior people at law firms today, you could well be considering the merits of cloud computing for lawyers. For some law firms it appears that the cloud offers a very attractive silver lining, whilst for others an on-premise infrastructure seems to fit their needs better.

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Free Cost-Benefit Analysis

If you feel you have outgrown your current software, or your servers are coming up for renewal, or you are just plain curious to know how the cloud scenario would pan out financially for you – let us know. We are offering a free, no obligation ‘cost-benefit analysis’ so you can compare the two options and make the right decision.

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Cloud Compliance

As cloud computing continues to grow in popularity with its many proven advantages for all kinds of businesses, law firms included, it is important to recognise that, there are also associated risks to consider. Choosing a trustworthy partner like Select Legal is paramount. Please read our overview which shows how LAWFUSION Direct shapes up in terms of the SRA’s & The Law Society’s Guidelines on cloud computing for law firms.

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Cloud Desktop Vs Browser-Run Software

The LAWFUSION sales team is occasionally asked if LAWFUSION is web-based software. The answer is yes, LAWFUSION Direct is Select Legal Systems’ web-based software-as-a-service solution for law firms. It is worth noting that there are two main technological approaches available to law firms wanting a web-based practice management system:  a) Cloud Desktop (i.e. LAWFUSION Direct) or b) Browser-Run sofwtare.  For those wanting a technical explanation of what each of these solutions entails, and an overview of the benefits, there is a blog available here – “Cloud Desktop VS Browser-Run Software“.
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