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Celebrating 25 Years of First Class Software for Law Firms 1993-2018

Infographic - 25 Years of LAWFUSION

The Facts... how LAWFUSION stacks upLAWFUSION - the system of choice for 350+ Law firmsClient Satisfaction950,000+ cases managed through LAWFUSION amounting to more than 15 Million billable hoursLaw firms like LAWFUSION because it is highly intuitive and customisableSelect Legal Systems Limited has achieved a number of firstsLaw firms need ONE telephone number to speak directly to Team LAWFUSIONOur clients say...

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Further expansion for Team LAWFUSION - specialist legal software supplier is currently recruiting to fill four lync…
Anti-money laundering is under the microscope in 2019 - no firm is off the hook when it comes to first-class AML co…
Select launch a new accounts focus group for law firms - a software supplier that listens to its users:

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