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At last case management software our
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David Taylor, Partnership Secretary, Cozens Hardy LLP

Practicing Law in Norwich for over a century, Cozens-Hardy LLP has developed a solid reputation of integrity and high standards. Plaudits in this year’s Legal 500 for the firm are many. Named as experts in business law the firm is said to have an excellent track record advising SMEs and its commercial property team comes highly recommended. The firm is praised for its high-profile work in employment disputes – particularly in the area of redundancies.

But it is not all business to business. For the general public Cozens-Hardy LLP boasts the largest specialist residential conveyancing department in Norfolk and the firm has a highly respected Trust team too. Also Cozens-Hardy LLP’s 40-year old family law department is famous for the successful handling of many high-net divorces and the firm has an APIL accredited Personal Injury team acknowledged for handling claims in excess of £1M for clients with traumatic brain injuries.

To manage all of this their case and practice management software is extremely important to them.



After 15 years with Norwel, the management team at Cozens-Hardy LLP made a decision to go to market for a new legal case and practice management system. David Taylor, Partnership Secretary at the firm explained,  “As the only Norwel user in East Anglia we felt somewhat isolated. Also we wanted a software supplier who was more in touch with the needs of firms of our size.”

“In our experience many case management systems sound amazing in theory. In practice though, despite all good intentions, it hardly ever turns to be as easy as anticipated. So we were looking for case management functionality that could be tailored to our specific needs. It sounds obvious, but it was important to find software that our fee earners would actually use.”

After a lot of research Cozens-Hardy LLP got it down to a beauty parade of 3 and LAWFUSION from Select Legal Systems became their system of choice. Select Legal implemented LAWFUSION Accounts and Case Management for Cozens-Hardy LLP across 61 desktops for the Practice in 2001. This included LAWFUSION’s generic workflow templates for case management.

A decade on, David Taylor, recalls why Cozens-Hardy LLP selected LAWFUSION above the rest, “Firstly, Select Legal offers different editions of LAWFUSION for different sized firms and it was clear they were working closely on a daily basis with many other practices of our size. They also demonstrated to us that they understood the business needs of a high street practice like ours – which was incredibly important to us.”

“Secondly, we were very impressed with the flexibility of LAWFUSION’s case management. It was clear it could be tailored easily to our specific needs.”

“And Thirdly, as a successful software provider to the legal profession for many years, Select Legal had been around since the early 90s. This gave us peace of mind that we had chosen a software partner that was here to work alongside us for the long haul.”


Cozens-Hardy LLP was asked to list the top five business benefits the Practice is seeing as a result of using LAWFUSION to run the business:

  1. LAWFUSION Gives Fee Earners the Flexibility to Keep Control David Taylor explained, “The LAWFUSION case management has been a real winner for us. This is the first time our fee earners have ever used any of the case management software we as a Practice have made available to them. It was important we didn’t take control away from our fee earners. They needed to be able to continue to run their cases in their own individual way, with their own pre-set texts, letters and documentation. LAWFUSION allows fee earners to drive cases in their own unique manner. It is an enabler. There are no annoying and meaningless prompts!”LAWFUSION is incredibly ‘fee-earner friendly’ – it is the only case management software I have ever worked with that does exactly what it says on the tin!”
  2. Increased Productivity Prior to the LAWFUSION implementation the ‘secretary to fee earner ratio’ at Cozens Hardy LLP was 1:1. Since implementing LAWFUSION the ratio is significantly lower at 2½:1. Philippa Rudd, Principal Solicitor for the firm’s Residential Property Department said, “We find that LAWFUSION helps us to work more quickly and efficiently in that it automatically produces letters and reports for us. We find fee earners who rely on the system work far more productively.”
  3. Consistency across the Whole Package David Taylor, Partnership Secretary explained the consensus of opinion amongst Cozen-Hardy users regarding the consistency they get with LAWFUSION. “The intuitiveness and flexibility evident in the case management side of LAWFUSION is also available throughout the rest of the LAWFUSION package. Many legal and case management systems around today, I have found, tend to ‘pour like water but set like stone’. This is not the case with LAWFUSION – we have the freedom to shape the software to the way we want to run our Practice and this is extremely refreshing.”
  4. Continual Development The team at Cozens-Hardy LLP is particularly pleased with the way Select Legal embraces new technologies and trends in the use of technology. A good example of this, is the SMS text messaging functionality the conveyancing team is using through the LAWFUSION case management. Residential property clients are automatically sent text message updates regarding time critical events such as – exchange of contracts, to acknowledge completion dates as well as general updates. They particularly like that these client text messages are saved to the clients’ case management files in LAWFUSION for future reference.
  5. Outstanding Support Helen Lawrik, IT Manager for Cozens-Hardy LLP said, “What we have with Select Legal is a true partnership. The support team is excellent and very consistent, especially when I analyse the complexity of some of our requests we pass their way. They are always on hand to investigate and provide timely advice and guidance. I also use Select’s Support Website regularly – an excellent knowledge base with many very useful documents and articles. “A good example of where Select has really gone the extra mile for us recently is with the level of help and advice they gave us when we were setting up our robust Disaster Recovery procedures. We work extremely well together and have developed a very strong business relationship.”


In conclusion, Steve Dixon, Development Director and joint founder Director / Owner of Select Legal Systems had this to say, “It is very encouraging to know that the effort the development team at Select Legal puts into the software in terms of making it user friendly and fit for purpose is making a difference to our clients. Cozens-Hardy LLP is an excellent firm with a strong team of highly respected lawyers. I am delighted to hear that our software is making their lives easier, their days more productive and their processes more efficient.”