Experts in: Countryside Law
Installation: On-Premise
Users: 24 (2008)
Current users: 27 (2019)


“We have found the system to be fully capable of being tailored to our specific needs, easy to use and adapt, and incorporates many useful additional features.”

Sylvia McCarthy, Property Lawyer, Arnold Thomson Solicitors


Arnold Thomson services the needs of private and business clients local to The Midlands and also, in particular, farmers and landowners and those living and working in the countryside throughout England and Wales. The firm, comprising 10 lawyers with a wealth of experience is recognised by the independent legal press for its specialist expertise.

Sylvia McCarthy is an Associate of the Institute of Legal Executives specialising in Residential Property matters, and has been a property lawyer with Arnold Thomson since 1997. Sylvia mainly uses the Case Management module of LAWFUSION. She discusses the merits of the system and the difference it has made to the practice.


Efficient Case Management

“As I primarily deal with the case management side, my feedback is naturally rather biased in that direction! Nevertheless, I have found that the Case Management module with its various integrated components, such as the links has greatly simplified complex procedures.

“The contacts database linking with the case management and marketing modules has made transactions smarter and more efficient, and made it possible to keep clients up to date with changes within the firm and the law generally in a far more efficient and cost-effective way.”

Flexible and Versatile

“The flexibility and functionality was very appealing, and on cost the system compared very favourably with other similar systems. As a practice, we have found the system to be fully capable of being tailored to our specific needs, easy to use and adapt, and incorporates many useful additional features.

“Overall we find that LAWFUSION is very wide-ranging and versatile and continual development ensures that the product continues to improve.”

Easy to Use with Excellent Support

“New features generally add on seamlessly, but where there are integration issues, these are addressed promptly by Select Legal Systems support. In addition, our users find the front end of the system visually simple to follow.”


“We a very satisfied, particularly with the ongoing improvements and upgrades, which continue to enhance the product. The Case Management system has created improved levels of efficiency and speed of turnaround, plus improved essential areas such as checking and monitoring Money Laundering issues. As a residential conveyancer and as system administrator for the case management system, the LAWFUSION software has made enormous changes to the way I and my colleagues work – smarter, swifter and safer in terms of efficiency, checking and speed of turnaround.”