It was announced last week that as part of the Chancellors Spending Review £700 million will be invested to fully digitise the courts. The Government’s aim is to generate savings to the taxpayer of approximately £200 million a year from 2019-2020.

women with back to us sitting in office chair with her arms out to the side balancing pile of books in one hand and an electronic tablet in the otherThings are already happening.  In February 2015 the Civil Justice Council (CJC) advisory group – chaired by Professor Richard Susskind, IT adviser to the Lord Chief Justice recommended “fundamental change” in the way the courts deal with low-value claims calling for the introduction of state-backed online dispute resolution (ODR) across England and Wales in 2017.

As part of the Justice System Efficiency Programme, in July, criminal defence lawyers were invited to road test a new crown court digital case system (DCS) with case file acces via WiFi and the use of digital court bundles.

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