The LAWFUSION Training team regularly produces short training videos as ‘aide-memoires’ for users on all aspects of the system. These short videos, which tend to range from 2 minutes to 10 minutes in length, are made available to clients via the LAWFUSION support website.

Women sitting at desk ready to view LAWFUSION video on computer screen which is displaying the play buttonMike Craven is co-founder/co-owner of Select Legal Systems and the Director responsible for support.  He said, “Feedback from users regarding the short videos is always very positive.  They like the fact that they can watch them several times over whenever they need to.  The videos are particularly useful for areas of the system that may only be used occasionally, for example, once a workflow chart is set and a client is happy with it, they may only need to tweak it every couple of years, for instance, when new legislation affects it etc.”

The topics of the videos are driven by the most prevalent questions users are putting to the Help Desk. Mike Craven continued, “The user videos are not there to replace training but they are ‘aide-memories’ to complement our Users Manuals and Training Manuals.  They are particularly helpful when a user has forgotten how to do something. The support analyst taking the call will point the client to the relevant video online and the user can watch it and refer to it as many times as they need to.”

The plan is to have a series of short training videos covering all areas of the system eventually.  Of course the LAWFUSION Development Team enhances LAWFUSION continually with new functionality.  As the system grows new videos are being added and Select plans to start embedding them into their Help Screens too shortly.

For a LAWFUSION demonstration or more information about the system or the ‘aide-memoire’ software videos – please call 01482 567601.  Alternatively our online enquiry form is available here.