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About Us

Select Legal Systems Limited

In 1993, after leaving one of the most well known legal software houses of the 80s and 90s, Steve Dixon and Mike Craven quietly, and confidently, established Select Legal Systems Limited and conscientiously started building a software system now known to the legal profession as LAWFUSION. From day one, LAWFUSION was built upon four key promises, to which the Directors, and their team, are still true today: 1) the software should be flexible 2) the software should be intuitive 3) the support should be outstanding and 4) the system should be excellent value for moneyThe LAWFUSION suite of legal practice management software has since become the business system of choice for hundreds of UK law firms. In 2018 Select Legal Systems Limited celebrated 25 years in business.

Photo of Select Legal Systems Limited Directors

About Us

The Co-Owner / Directors

The two founding directors of the business are Mike Craven and Steve Dixon. Between them they have over 70 years combined experience in legal software. In fact Team LAWFUSION has a combined 558 man years of relevant legal software experience and many of their high-calibre staff have been with the company for 10+ years. When the Directors started Select Legal they wanted to offer flexible and intuitive software that is excellent value for money with outstanding support. They are still true to these values today. Steve Dixon heads up the software development team and sales.  Mike Craven leads on Finance and all the company’s client-facing support services.

How The Company Has Grown

The co-founders of the company focused on software development in the early days, working very closely with some of the best law firms in their fields, slowly perfecting their art. Some would argue that LAWFUSION was the legal software market’s best kept secret in those days. By the end of year five they had just 30 very happy and loyal clients, many of which are still users of LAWFUSION today. The company grew steadfastly for the next 10 -15 years but really came into its own when they implemented a new sales and marketing strategy in 2011 which enabled them to achieve 100% growth. They doubled in size between 2012 and 2017, increasing turnover from £1Million to over £2 Million in that five year period. This rate of growth has continued and Select Legal Systems Limited has become one of the most popular and trusted technology partners to law firms in the country.

What Mike Craven (pictured left) Has To Say:

“Although developing first-class software is right up there at the top of the company’s priority list, delivering outstanding support is right there alongside it, of equal importance. Our users often tell us it is as much about the people delivering and supporting the technology as it is the technology itself. Select has a strong team of legal software experts supporting the LAWFUSION client base and have earned a reputation as one of the best support teams in the industry.”

What Steve Dixon (pictured right) Has To Say:

“We offer a complete suite of legal software covering every law firm department and we have had the privilege of working with some of the best legal minds in the industry, over the years. Together we enjoy creating powerful legal software that helps law firm executives run and grow their businesses. We believe it is this kind of development partnership approach that has led to our suite of software becoming recognised as amongst the best available.”

Authors of LAWFUSION

A comprehensive and fully integrated suite of legal software for law firms.

Select Legal’s flagship product, LAWFUSION – which is the system of choice for hundreds of law firms across England and Wales – delivers everything from legal accounts software and time recording to case management and document management for law firms, and everything in between.

For a demonstration of any aspect of LAWFUSION please call 0845 345 3300 today. Out of hours the LAWFUSION Book-A-Demo form is available here.

The First 25 Years - 1993 to 2018

In 2018 Select Legal Systems Limited celebrated 25 years of LAWFUSION. The owners have built the company from humble beginnings, starting from the back bedroom of a terraced house in Hull, to be exact. And the business has gone on to establish LAWFUSION as one of the most popular suites of legal practice management software available to UK law firms.

Select’s clients probably tell the story best of all though. Here is a video compilation of client comments about the software and also their views on what it is like to work with Team LAWFUSION.

Select's Target Market

LAWFUSION was originally designed for the 30-100 user UK law firm, however, Select has moved forward in line with market demand and now offers different versions for different sized law firms.

The largest LAWFUSION site has over 250 users and the ‘Small Firm’ and ‘Solo’ editions are ideal for growing law firms and start-up law firms.

LAWFUSION is also suitable for ABSs (Alternative Business Structures).

Case Studies, Videos & Articles

You can view a selection of case studies (videos and written) here.

There is also a selection of LAWFUSION videos here.

Select’s blog articles and news articles also offer interesting insight for law firms.

Both On-premise & Cloud Options Available

LAWFUSION is available as a hosted solution for the cloud or as a traditional on-premise installation and Select has hundreds of satisfied users in both camps. For firms currently making the cloud vs on-premise decision, there is a LAWFUSION video available here. There are different types of cloud solution available to law firms, and this LAWFUSION article looks at the different between Cloud-Desktop and Browser-Run Solutions. If you would like to discuss the cloud computing options available to your firm, please contact a member of the Select Legal team on 0845 345 3300.

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