A New Definition Of Convenience

The internet has redefined convenience for UK society and this affects law firms in terms of the communication options they offer their clients. As the legal landscape continues to become more competitive and a whole new world of online communication continues to open up to society, clients expect their lawyers to gear up with technology in order to interact with them in new ways.

Image of 5 different people all looking at mobile devices to represent viewing case tracker software in LAWFUSION Legal SoftwareThe latest figures from the Office of National of Statistics show that 87.9% of UK adults are now online and driven by the take-up of 4G mobile broadband. The smartphone has become the hub of daily life for many.  In fact according to Ofcom smartphones are now in the pockets of 66% of British adults.

Online case tracking offers a win/win for law firms and their clients. Traditionally solicitor / client interaction has been a combination of face-to-face, telephone and letter based communication and more recently email and some firms are using SMS text messaging.  However, a secure online client portal, such as Select Legal’s “Case Tracker” leads to better informed clients and less interruptions for fee earners.


Fee earners can set Case Tracker up to automatically share information securely online about case progress and milestones reached.  Clients can view this information at a time that is convenient to them, at any time, wherever they are. Other relevant parties such as mortgage lenders, estate agents and opposition solicitors can upload and download documents relating to a case sharing them securely online. It provides lawyers with an extra vehicle for improving communication with their clients whilst enabling better use of limited fee earning time.

Case Tracker is available with the LAWFUSION suite of legal software from Select Legal Systems. For more information about Case Tracker or LAWFUSION please call 01482 567601 during office hour or you can use this online enquiry form 24/7.