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25 Years of LAWFUSION

25 Years of LAWFUSION

Celebrating 25 Years of First-Class Software For Law Firms

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The Story So Far 1993-2018

25th Anniversary Video

Law firms have been choosing Select Legal Systems Limited and LAWFUSION every day for the past 25 years. In this video execs from a wide range of different law firms, explain what they like most about the LAWFUSION, what they think of the people at Select who support them, and the kind of a difference you could expect the software to make to your business.

So if you’re interested in implementing LAWFUSION as your new business system, here is your opportunity to spend 4 minutes hearing from the people who really know what the LAWFUSION software is all about – its users.


Infographic - The Facts & Figures

Team LAWFUSION has worked very closely with some of the best firms in the profession over the years to continually develop, improve and enhance their software for law firms, achieving many successes along the way.  As they celebrate their 25-year anniversary they look back on some of the facts and figures that show how the credibility, they have built in the past 25 years, really stacks up.

Here’s to the next 25!


Quite A Journey

In 1993, when Select Legal Systems Limited was first established, the world was a very different place. After leaving one of the main legal software players of the 80s / 90s, Steve Dixon and Mike Craven quietly and confidently set up the company knowing they could make a difference to legal IT. They conscientiously started building a software system, now known to the legal profession as LAWFUSION, based on four key promises:

– Excellent value for money
– Highly flexible
– Highly intuitive
– With outstanding support

Team LAWFUSION continues its commitment to these key promises today, and LAWFUSION has become the business system of choice for hundreds of UK law firms.

Case Studies

Fidler & Pepper Case Study Video

Users of LAWFUSION for 25+ Years
Some law firms have been with LAWFUSION from the very beginning. Fidler & Pepper Lawyers are one of Select Legal Systems’ longest standing clients. Specialists in volume conveyancing and re-mortgate work, they have 85 staff working from three offices in North Nottinghamshire and they piloted LAWFUSION in 1993 when the software was first launched. Fidler & Pepper have been instrumental in providing valuable feedback and input re LAWFUSION since day one, helping shape the software to make it what it is today.

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A Selection of LAWFUSION Case Studies

Videos and Written Case Studies
For a selection of LAWFUSION case studies please visit our case studies page here.

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