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“Of all the packages we saw, LAWFUSION stood head and shoulders above them all. You can simply bend it and twist it around your firm’s requirements. We are using it as a tool to grow the business and it will be a key factor in our growth plans for the future.”

Simon Stone, Cheif Executive, Kingsley David


Kingsley David was a new start up firm in 2008, specialising initially in conveyancing. Its focus on delivering outstanding legal services, developing life-long relationships with its clients and using technology as an enabler is really paying off. Having attracted a number of leading fee earners from large practices, Kingsley David has been able to expand its services into family law, business law and wills & probate. This remarkable firm, in the midst of recession, has grown from a team of just 3, at its inception, to an impressive team of 16 in its first 3 years. Whilst facing the extremely difficult market conditions, the firm has seen an overall growth in fees of 842% in year 3 compared to year 1.

The Brief

Simon StoneKingsley David’s Chief Executive, Simon Stone (pictured left) led the search for a suitable case and practice management system for his new practice. A practising solicitor since the early 80s and a former partner of top 100 law firm, Howes Percival, Simon knew exactly what he was looking for. He explained, “I had been familiar with the old AIM Charter suite of software but was far less impressed with later AIM developments. I wanted software that would be easily adaptable without the need to bring in systems people every time I wanted to change an action chart. I was looking for something with logic that would flow naturally – i.e. the sequence of workflow steps, letters etc. And key to all of this, of course, was a solid accounts package, fully integrated with case management to make it safe and simple for my people to comply with the stringent legal accounts rules we face.

“I found Select Legal Systems by the power of Google and when I realised the company was a spin-off from AIM in 1992, I wanted to see its flagship product - LAWFUSION. We looked at 5 or 6 packages in total and although no software is ever 100% - we found LAWFUSION came pretty close. We wanted something adaptable and intuitive. Of all the packages we saw, LAWFUSION stood head and shoulders above them all. You can simply bend it and twist it around your firm’s requirements. It is very easy to work with and its pricing was favourable – I was able to pay gradually and I got a lot for my money.”

Kingsley David put their stamp on LAWFUSION

Kingsley David chose LAWFUSION Accounts and Case Management initially. They took the generic workflow tool as well as pre-defined workflow templates for conveyancing – sale, purchase and remortgage and have developed them extensively to match their own preferred methods of working.

Simon Stone told us, “For us it was essential that we put our own stamp on the case management. We have been able to change the workflows in terms of how the documents are prepared, what we say and how we say it. We have had some excellent training and now LAWFUSION allows us to direct the flow of the case easily. We find it quick and easy, especially when you consider what we are actually doing and what we are actually achieving.

“As well as all the conveyancing charts, we now have a workflow in place for a general case, one for wills and we are evolving another for matrimonial cases. Probate is next and we are looking at the LAWFUSION probate template as a starting point.”

Driven by a central database and fully integrated with LAWFUSION Accounts, the LAWFUSION case management suite is designed to significantly increase the volume of work a firm can handle, streamlining business processes and capturing all billable time to improve profitability considerably whilst improving quality of service.

Kingsley David’s Top Five

Kingsley David were asked to list the top five business benefits the Practice is seeing as a result of implementing LAWFUSION:

  2. Simon Stone explained, “We have seen a growth in fees of 842% in year 3 compared with year 1 and conveyancing, which was 90% of the business in year one, has gone on to grow in terms of fees by 335%. Our new areas of law - wills, probate and business law - have grown significantly too. Combined, these new areas now account for 60% of the business and conveyancing is 40%. We are using LAWFUSION as a tool to grow the business and it will be a key factor in our growth plans for the future.”

  4. Right across the system, LAWFUSION is saving Kingsley David valuable time. Throughout case management of course, but also as a result of the LAWFUSION Accounts suite which has many inbuilt, time-saving features too. Everything is streamlined and integrated – LAWFUSION provides incredibly efficient use of both fee earner and administrative staff time.

  6. With LAWFUSION in place Kingsley David has been able to build a set of automated procedures that not only serve as essential aide mémoires for everything they do, but also it prevents mistakes and enables staff to adhere to the very stringent rules applicable to practising law in the UK today.

  8. At Kingsley David every case is driven by LAWFUSION and fully logged within the system. The team can see and share absolutely everything about every case being handled.

  10. Simon Stone added, “The benefits of LAWFUSION are many but I have to mention its reporting capabilities. The production of both standard and bespoke reports is essential in terms of case flow management as well as overall business management. We have reports for ‘how many cases this month’– so we can see where we may have to balance workload, how much money we have made this month, who we are paying referrals to, a list of cases where we have mortgage offers but have not exchanged. All of this is crucial to the efficient running of the firm.

    “Because we have been able to think about our reporting needs and set up the system to produce reports automatically – LAWFUSION is delivering real value to the business on a daily basis. For example – we have a number of well thought-through conveyancing reports set up to be produced automatically for our clients. This means fee earners no longer have to rely exclusively on their own memory when it comes to telling clients everything they need to know – LAWFUSION takes a lot of the pain and risk away.”


In conclusion, Steve Dixon, Development Director and joint founder Director / Owner of Select Legal Systems had this to say, “Kingsley David is an exceptional law firm that has used LAWFUSION to grow fees and increase profitability. Its Chief Executive, Simon Stone has embraced the system’s case management capabilities and has put in time and effort to develop winning workflows to drive his business. This approach has paid dividends and in a climate when many firms have floundered, especially in the world of conveyancing, Kingsley David has not only survived but it has thrived in light of a sound strategy to develop life-long client relationships and to use technology as a powerful enabler.”

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